Music Therapy for children Alyssa Dobles Audience: Parents of a autistic or traumatic child

The problem

The problem is that children are taking medication or going to therapy and their results are not changing. These kids are still not communicating, doing well in school they are not succeeding.

Music Therapy

Music therapy is a treatment in which the person uses sounds and singing to relieve emotions. They are using music to do this.

How many children have autism or have been thru a traumatic event

One in sixty eight kids so that is around 5,300 kids are placed on the autism spectrum. Two thirds of children by the age of sixteen have gone thru a traumatic event. That is 34,825,978 children nationwide

Effects of music therapy and what happens

The way that music therapy is helping these children is that the rhythm of the music can help you to breath slower and control your breathing, relieve muscle tension to help out your motor skills. Music therapy will in return help you to communicate to others, stay focused, do better in school, feel better about your body.

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