a amazing discovery of Howard Carter one man who changed the world

Ever wonder a man who changed history forever?Well read on to find out who did!Read throughout the paragraphs to discover who found the most valuable objects in egypt

Back in the year 1992 the 4th of November, Howard Carter the most well known man in Egypt after his famous discovery. Howard was the most famous man in Egypt after his surprising discovery of tutankhamun's tomb who was an egyptain king at the age of 9 when he started. Howard found the mummy of tutankhamun in a place in Egypt called the valley of kings. Howard Carter was determined to find Tutankhamun's tomb and even though he didn't find anything he never gave up and it is good that he never if he never we wouldn't be writing this right now. You are probably wondering how did Howard get all that money to pay for finding the tomb? Well, a man named Lord Carnavon a very wealthy man at the time vonunteered to help Howard by raising money to pay for searchers to help find the tomb. Lord Carnavon nearly gave up all his money to help Howard! But if Lord Carnavon didn't give his money to Howard we wouldnt be telling you about the history about Howard and how he found the famous tutankhamun!

Howard Carter was born in 1889 March 2nd in London. When he was younger Howard's dad Samuel Carter was a succesful painter so Carter was growing up in a wealthy family. When Carter was growing up e also had a passion for art and painting just like is dad when Samuel. Howard around 17 when he got is first job as an archeologist by the help of his dad. Sadly, Hoard Carter's dad Samuel Cart passed away. But that didn't stop Howard from trying to find the tomb. Eventually, Howard became an Egyptoligist bu Carter didn't think it was that intresting so he moved back to his job as an arceoligist. Howard did not become a painter because he was to intrested in Egypt.

Lord Carnavon a good friend of Howard's offered to help Howard so he gave thousand's of pounds to pay for thee shearcers


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