DIM Honors

This Project was my favorite one that we did on Adobe Illustrator. I thought it was fun because it was more of a free project (we got to do what we wanted to do). It was also a little difficult because we had to make everything match the 3D perspective.
This was the currency project that we used Adobe Illustrator for. it was fun because we got to research about symbols and we had the opportunity to make our own currency. I mainly used the pen tool for this project to create everything.
This was one of the first projects that we did using the pen tool. For my name, I used the live trace pad and it was kind of a challenge. I like the font I chose because it goes with my name.
This was our most recent project that we did. We had the option to make a Mercedes, BMW, or Mac Finder logo and i chose to do the BMW. This was probably the hardest project that I did using Adobe illustrator.

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