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Emily K. Elmore is a former Air Force pilot and Air Force Wounded Warrior Ambassador. She is the owner of The MotoDoll LLC, offering brand management and web design services to build brands that build community.

Emily is a combat pilot and aircraft commander of the C-130 J, pictured here.

Emily was a pilot, engineer, and motor enthusiast when a catastrophic injury forced her from the cockpit & devastated her mobility. She began podcasting as The MotoDoll to reconnect in digital space with the community she lost. Using her background in coding and design, she started The MotoDoll LLC. She continues to share her journey and helps others overcome their own obstacles with lessons learned on the road, in the cockpit, and under the hood!

Emily was a featured speaker for Pursue Your Passion 2018, hosted by Powerful Women of the Gulf Coast.
Emily discusses techniques to avoid burnout with Pensacola area entrepreneurs.
Featured on Pensacola Business Radio, Emily outlines her 5 Competencies Leadership Model on the podcast "Women in Leadership."
Emily meets with Pensacola SubWest Rotary to discuss the challenges of recruiting and retaining younger generations.
Christmas Eve in Afghanistan 2014, in the cockpit of Emily's C-130J aircraft.
This flag belongs to Emily's husband, whose great grandfather flew it over the Pacific in WWII. Emily flew it on every aircraft in her squadron's inventory while serving in the Middle East.

Emily's publications have been featured in colleges and underground Somali newspapers, and she was interviewed for the Washington Post by war correspondent Richard Johnson. She is a decorated combat veteran with thousands of hours in leadership and team development. She's available for organizational training in brand management and web design, as well as motivational speaking engagements.

This sketch of Emily and her crew accompanied the Washington Post article "That Uncomfortable Feeling," by Richard Johnson.

Emily K. Elmore is known for her talks on resiliency, tenacity, and development. Past topics include:

  • On a Wing and a Prayer: Success in Spite of the Odds
  • Under Stress, Under Fire, Under Control: Keep Your Cool and Win the Day
  • ASAP: Creating Non-Punitive Safety Culture
  • Feedback to Lean Forward
  • Battle Lines: Overcoming the Generation Gap
  • Hit Like a Girl! Pack a Punch in the Boardroom (Women in Leadership)

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