It was another Teen Fiction month I'm afraid. Heavy on the romance. Make of that what you will.

Here goes....

Children's Fiction

Mindy's Thoughts: The Girl Who Drank the Moon won the Newbery Medal this year, so I wanted to read it. Fantasy isn't my usual genre, but I liked it. I read Wonder aloud to my daughter, and I have all sorts of complicated thoughts about it that you can read here. Braced is an #ownvoices novel about scoliosis.

Teen Fiction

First of all, what are the odds of reading two teen novels about winning the lottery and finding love in the same month?

Mindy's Thoughts: Despite the similar premise, these books are totally different. Lucky in Love is a light romantic comedy while Windfall explores more serious issues like grief and finding yourself. Both were decent reads if that's what you're in the mood for.

Let's talk about sex.....

Mindy's Thoughts: What stood out to me in both of these books is the way that sex was addressed. in The Anatomical Shape of a Heart the two teens have a frank conversation about what would make sex good for them and what they don't want in a sexual encounter. In Zenn Diagram, the characters reference the making tea consent video.

When life is stressful, I read light and fluffy novels.....

Mindy's Thoughts: Not much to say about these, except that three out of the four of them have diverse characters.

Finally a couple of mysteries...

Mindy's Thoughts: These books are about as different as you can get and still fall into the same genre. Though Overturned is more thriller/suspense and The Lost Girl of Astor Street is historical/romance/mystery. Both were good, but Lost Girl is more my style.

Adult Fiction

Because I've been obsessed with the 1920's....

Mindy's Thoughts: If you're obsessed with this period of history, you might like Dollface. Otherwise, it's completely skippable.

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