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The Information page: Hi welcome to the Museum of WW 2 website! while your here, please check out our exhibits. We have 3 new exhibits that Kids, Family, and WW 2 fans will enjoy. Thank You and enjoy this Website!

Cause and Effects of WW2

World War 2 was one of the world wars which occurred because Hitler became ruler of Germany. It also occurred because the Germans had to pay for the Reparations. As result the war happened because the Germans were angered about this.It was one of the bloodiest wars in history.

Sides during the War

The main Allied Powers: USSR, Great Britain, USA -The Main Axis Powers: Germany and Japan

The Logo of arms

Exhibit 1 building a Nerf Gun( M1 Garand)


During the War, Millions of Guns were produced,one of the best was the M1 Garand which had a good firing technique.

Let us give your Children a full experience by building a Nerf Gun and feel what it was like in the battles and respect the Veterans.

Exhibit for building an actual Nerf Gun on March 29, 2018 perfect for kids 6 and up. Cost is $10 and kids under 10 are free! Sign up now!

Exhibit 2 Conquering Midway Island

Exhibit Information

Come with us to learn about the Battle of Midway! Did you know? It was a turning point of the war in the pacific in favor for the Allies.Here you will learn about the battle, do some things hand on, and pay respect to the Veterans who died in the war. Please come with us to learn about the Midway battle!

On April 9, 2018 sign up now! $5 charge fee.

Exhibit 3 Weapons of WW2

Exhibit Information

Come join us to learn about the Weapons of WW 2! Did you know? That more modern technology weapons were used more in WW 2 than WW 1 and that the Tachi Swords were still used in war by the Japanese? Come join us on this fabulous tour around our museum and also do some hands on stuff. 1st, You will learn how to hold a gun like an solider and act like an solider, 2nd learn how to plant fake mines*, and 3rd, you will do more hands on stuff with the weapons. Come join us on this fabulous day!

On May 1, 2018 Cost is $30 per person and lunch is included

*A explosive weapon that can take out tanks if big enough.

Burgan, Michael. Weapons, Gear, and Uniforms of WW2. Minnesota: Capstone Press, 2012.

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