ASPCA Prevent animal cruelty

"We are their voice!"

Animals are being beaten, left outside to freeze/overheat, or starved to death. The dog down the street from you could be experiencing all this harm and you wouldn't even know it. The saddest part is, what did the animal ever do? Animals are the most loving joy that are experienced by many, although some people take advantage of that. The animal to you may just be another thing in your life, but to that animal, you're their world.

Most people want full breed animals and spend a bunch of money buying them. Mix breed animals are just as love-able and when they are rescued they have a full heart towards their new owner. No other animal will love their owner more than one that's been through the worst and back. Only about 25-45% of adopted animals are rescues and the number keeps rising; thanks to generosity of people in each communities that are willing to donate. Be one of the people that can wake up knowing that just the smallest amount of their donation is helping animals be fed and taken care of.

Saving these abandoned and beaten animals can be done, but we need your help. By donating only about 60 cents a day you can give animals all around the country another chance to be loved, because that´s all they´re asking for. There are approximately 142 million animals being abused. Over a course of yearly donations, we can drop that number by almost 2 million each year. Not only help us, but help the hopeless animals that sit there everyday wondering what they did do deserve how they are treated. Be the next step towards ending animal cruelty.


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