Good Life Florida museum of natural history

Nature On Display

Out of all of the exhibits at the Natural History Museum the one that I found the most appealing was the butterfly rainforest. I found the design appealing because I liked how it was interactive. The nature really captured my attention. Before going through this exhibit I was deathly afraid of insects. I forgot to go to the play before February 6th so I had to go through this exhibit or receive a 0 for the assignment, but nonetheless, this exhibit got me over my fear of insects and that is something that experiencing nature through another medium would not have done for me. I found it enjoyable getting over my fear of insects and also being in one of the best gardens I have ever been in.

Me finding bugs appealing and enjoyable.

Nature and Ethics

I absolutely think that the butterfly exhibit let us experience nature in the way nature recommends. There was a great balance in that exhibit between man and nature. Walking through the exhibit, I thought about how crazy it was that it was a man made structure for animals to thrive in. I felt happy knowing there are a lot of people who respect the balance on what is ethical for people to do when interacting with nature and the environment. Most other people in the exhibit were not as scared of the bugs as me. The Natural History Museum allowed us to interact with nature in this exhibit by having the exhibit in the animal's homes, allowing us to walk through it without interfering with it. This exhibit only furthered the belief that we should experience nature through a biopic instead of looking at us as natures conquerors.

The butterfly rainforest.

Nature and The Human Spirit

The Natural History Museum helps us step out of our daily lives. It helps us step out of our daily lives by taking a day and going there and when were there we are immersed in nature. Looking at the history of how everything in the many exhibits at the Natural History Museum came to be it helps me better understand where we are and came from as humans, and that before anything, we are a type of living creature just like any other living creature on this planet. All of these help me get a better appreciation for the majesty of the natural world.

Me about to walk in to the Natural History Museum.
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Brandon Kodish


All photos taken by me at the Florida Museum of Natural History.

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