William D. Middlebrook Tushti Patel

William D. Middlebrook was born born on March 19th, 1846. Newton Fairfield County Connecticut, USA. He died on August 19, 1914. His parents were Sidney S. Middlebrook & Adaline Wooster.

William D. Middlebrook

I'm not sure if he won any awards, but even if he didn't, he should have because of how effective this piece of wire is today.

We use paper clips all the time, without them, you might lose your assignments all the time!

He is very famous for inventing the paper clip. He also has a show named " Parks and Recreation " .

The original paper clip is still the same even after centuries, but you can get different shaped and sized ones too.

Paper clips come in different shapes and sizes.

The most common paper clip is two almost complete loops. The type of engineering for this is most likely Materials Engineering.

Just look in you pencil case, desk or office drawers, and you might find a paper clip hidden inside. Just don't be that lady!


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