Forms of Energy Kinetic,mechanical,sound energy

Where can you find kinetic, sound, and mechanical energy in the world?Now you will know the definition of kinetic, sound, and mechanical energy and examples for each?

Kinetic Energy is a type of energy that a body possesses by virtue of being in motion. An example is the heavier a thing is, and the faster it moves, the more kinetic energy it has. The boy is running is an example of kinetic energy in the world.

Sound energy is a vibration that travels the air, another median can be heard when they reach a person or an animal's ear. sound energy is also produced when an object vibrates. I could hear you a mile away when you scream in the tunnel is an example of sound energy in the world.

Mechanical energy is working or producing by machinery, the working part of a machine especially a car. An example is a moving car possesses mechanical energy due to its motion ( kinetic energy). Hammering a nail into the wall is an example of mechanical energy the world.


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