How to add and edit text using a rich text module A GUIDE FOR STUDENTS & FACULTY

Who is this for? This guide is for students and faculty who want to add text to their ePortfolio.

Step 1: On the bottom right corner click on the (+) sign.

Step 2: Click on "Rich Text."

To add text to ePortfolio first add a Rich Text module.

Step 3: To edit or add content to the module, double click inside the module or click on the module and then select the pencil icon.

In the Rich Text module, you can type in the text or copy and paste into it. Text changes are saved automatically.

Step 4: When you click on the pencil icon, a toolbar will appear at the top of the Rich Text module containing tools that can be used to format a selection of text, such as bolding text, underlining text, changing font style, etc.

Rich text tool box information

That's it. If you have any questions, contact the ePortfolio team or visit the MB-57 office.

This guide was created by the ePortfolio Program at LaGuardia Community College (CUNY). For more information, please visit www.laguardia.edu/eportfolio.