Reagan Era By: Connor childers


Trickle Down Theory:

Don't tax the rich and this in the long run gives jobs and money the lower classes.

Side-Supply Economics:

Increased the supply of a product and this lowered the price. This created deflation.


Conservative Justices

The court justices were all conservatives and this brought our country back to the old ways of the country like the 1950s.


Reagan called the USSR the "Evil Empire" because of their strong communism goverrnement and Reagan was very much against communism.

"Star Wars"

Wanted to make lasers and other weapons but it ended up crushing the tex payers. It increased military spending and increased nuclear arsenal.

Iran-Contra Scandal

Weapons secretly sold to Iran in exchange for money to be given to anti-communism contras of Nicaragua


effort to prevent communist rule


arrest of general Noriega to stop flow of illegal drugs


Drug Use

This program was designed to get kids to say no to drugs because drugs were a big problem

Gay Rights

People wanted the right to gay marrage and people marched about it like tbis picture.


Many people were totally against abortion like in this picture but others were also for it because they believed in women having the choice to abort their baby or not.

Affirmative Action


AIDS became a really big problem in the 80s and people were going crazy over it. At first people thought that only gay people could get it and then a lade came out and talked about her having it and people got scared because they didn't know who had AIDS and who didn't.
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Connor Childers


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