Arctic Foxes By: Kennan

Arctic foxes. These small creatures live in one of the coldest environments in the world, the arctic tundra. The arctic tundra can get down to temperatures of -40 degrees celsius.

To adapt to this harsh environment arctic foxes have grown one of the thickest coats in the mammal kingdom

Even in blizzards arctic foxes can still survive and be warm. They wrap their tail around their body like a big scarf and wait out the storm.

You may be thinking, how do arctic foxes cool down in the summer? The foxes shed their huge coat down to only a thin gray coat to blend in with the rocks, it's quite remarkable.

Arctic foxes are not the strongest animal in the arctic tundra. There are polar bears that could easily take them out. Arctic foxes usually wait around and follow the bears while they hunt for food. Once the bear finishes his meal the foxes take the scraps.

The arctic fox usually has about two litters of pups each summer.

Many natives hunt the arctic foxes for their thick fur coats, they even make fur farms for them. Luckily this is not affecting their numbers as they breed quickly and rebuild despite being hunted.

Arctic foxes are here to stay and probably won't go for a long time


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