Holy People of the Middle Ages By Blake young

Leo IX aimed to eliminate all the catholic churches evils clerical marriage , simony and lay investure

His desire to hold church councils and his travels earned him the nickname the pilgrim pope

He gathered others like him that sought reform to help make roman catholic the heart of all christianity

St Dominic on a trip to france dominic came face to face with albigensian heresy

He was commissioned to be in a preaching crusade against the heresy

He founded a religious house at toulouse starting the order of preachers

St. Francis of Assisi spent a year in prison and started receiving visions from god

The voice of christ told him to repair the christian church and live a life of poverty

He was soon preaching up to five villages a day he was teach a new kind of emotional and personal christian religion


Created with images by jackmac34 - "saint petersbourg cathedral saint isaac" • moedermens - "Saint Leo IX" • Cea. - "[ G ] El Greco - Saint Dominic in Prayer (1610s)" • Rennett Stowe - "St Dominic" • Fr James Bradley - "IMG_1524" • Jim, the Photographer - "Annunciate Angel, the Apostle Andrew, a Bishop Saint (Savinus?), and Saints Dominic and Francis of Assisi [left]; Virgin Annunciate and Saints Bartholomew, Lawrence, Lucy, and Agatha [right] (c. 1355-1360) by Bartolomeo Bulgarini" • Randy OHC - "St. Francis of Assisi (full view)"

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