Numb By: jasmine litt

I sprinted through the airport with my airline ticket, my carry-on, and a small black box.
There were four things I still had to do: first, check into the hotel room, second, make reservations at the fanciest restaurant in the city; third, call Quinn and invite her to dinner; and fourth, pop the question.
Quinn was a beautiful, kind person, and she was my person.
Abruptly, my thoughts of Quinn were interrupted by the take off of the plane.
In the sky above the clouds, the plane flew.
Anxiously waiting for the plane to land, I heard a rumble.
I was hoping it was my stomach, however, it was not.
“Passengers, please buckle your seat belts; this may be a bumpy ride,” said the pilot.
Airbus A330, my plane, started to nosedive, and everything went black.
Suddenly, I awoke in the ocean and thought, “Where am I?”
I was lying on top of a floating buoy with my toes still in the frigid water, but all I could think about was Quinn.
A single glove, which obviously belonged to someone in the crash, floated by and made me think of the last time I saw Quinn on New Year’s Eve in Times Square.
Was it still February 14, 2020, or had more days passed?
A dreadful conclusion came into perspective, no one was coming to bring me back to New York, New York.
“Dear Quinn, One day I will finally be with you,” I thought as I mentally wrote my hundredth love letter to the love of my life.
Suddenly, inside, everything felt numb.


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