The Desert Biome made by parker pannell

The desert is a very interesting place! It covers over 20% of the Earth. There is not one specific place where the desert is, it is in a lot of places! In the desert there is very harsh environment and it is very hard to live in! Overall, this is my project on the desert, and I hope you learn a lot!
Interesting Facts about the Desert: Some interesting facts about the desert is that they have very interesting animals! Some of the animals that they have there is the kangaroo rats, rodents, snakes, and coyotes!! All of these animals are very exotic!
Abiotic Factors: The desert temperature is very hot! To explain how hot it really is, the average temperature is 110.3 degrees! Since it is so hot, that means there is very little rain! To show how much rain there really is, the average precipitation is 50 cm a year! To sum it up, the landform in the desert is very mountainous, and there a few bodies of water. Some of the bodies of water are, the Saharian Aquifier and the Nubian Aquifier!
Biotic Factors: There are a lot of super cool animals in the desert! Some of the animals that were there were the lizard, ostrich, roadrunner! All of these animals are pretty rare and hard to find in public! There are also plants in the desert! Some of the plants in the desert is acacia, ocotillio, and the catclaw! Again, all of these plants are very rare! The issue about these plants and animals is that they are other animals that need this plant to live. So, without this plant we would lose animals, and that would be bad. Another example of this is the predator to prey relationship. There are roadrunners that eat lizards to live, which means road runners stay alive and some lizards die.
Adaptions for Plants to Live: Plants have to adapt to their environment to live. So, for plants to stay alive, they have to store water for long periods of time!
Adaptions for Animals to Stay Alive: For animals to stay alive, they have to build shelter and store water! Both of these are very important to survival!
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Thank you for watching my presentation!! LiL P out!


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