Muscular Dystrophy By: Taylor swieczkowski

Muscular Dystrophy is when voluntary muscle become weak and break down over long periods of time.

Some first symptoms are that, in time, the children will start to develop problems with movement. A child with MD may start to stumble, waddle, have difficulty going up stairs, and toe walking. They also develop enlarged calf muscles.

MD is a genetic disease, meaning the only people who get MD are the kids whose parents or grandparents had the disease and it gets passed through their genes.

There is no specific cure for MD. Physical therapy, exercises, splints, braces, and corrective surgery may relieve some of the symptom. Some assistive devices may include a manual wheelchair, motorized wheelchair, and robotic technologies are under development.

Therapists help patients stay in good physical shape. They show people with MD how to do exercises that help the muscles and the spine.

The MDA is a major organization that raises funds to fight MD. They pay for research with the millions of dollars it raises each year.


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