Triangle Factory Fire By Sofia buitrago


Did you know that the Triangle Factory fire was one of the most deadliest tragedies that happened? On March 25,1911 at 4:30-4:45 in New York City a fire had sparked. The Triangle Fire had killed many people, as much as 146 woman were killed. This fire was so important that it changed several laws. Although the fire was deadly, it sparked safety laws for workers.

First, this fire started on the eighth floor. The cause of the fire was due by an employee throwing a cigarette into a scrap bin with fabric. This led to 146 employees dead. Many tried escaping this fire but the owners of the building had locked all the doors to prevent theft. Therefore, many had to find another route or just died there.

Secondly, girls tried running to an open fire escape, which was the stairs. Little did they know that it was broken. Due to it being broken, all the girls on the escape had fell and died. All the other people had to find another escape because the fire was rising to the other floors. Many ran to the other floors or ran to the windows. There, many girls jumped out the window to their death.

Lastly, due all this that had happen on March 25, 1911 the United States had to pass a law for working conditions. There was so many poor working conditions, like the doors being locked, barley any fire escapes. They had to make a law.


In conclusion, the Triangle Fire was so important because it made new safety laws for the workers. The fire basically also sparked laws for the world.

These were the woman who worked at Triangle Factory. Here they are sewing clothing.

A photo of all the dead bodies of the woman who had committed sucide.

The building of the Triangle Factory. Firefighters are trying to put out the fire.

The broken fire escape when all the girls had tried to get out of the fire.


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