Good Life Nature Activity at FLMNH By Christopher wallack

Nature on Display

I particularly enjoyed the Florida Limestone cave exhibit. I was both impressed and in awe of the level of detail they put into replicating the caves. The glazing of the stone to create the illusion of moisture, mock stalagmites, mock stalactites, even the complex patterns and textures of the rock were put into this exhibit. It was literally an entire room built to be a cave. I was able to really understand what it was like to be inside a cave visually without ever needing to go inside a real cave. It was this attention to detail unified throughout the museum that made me really enjoy my trip to the museum.

Nature and Ethics

I feel like, and I felt like as I walked through the museum and watched every one and their mother looking down at their phones, humans that never relied or interacted with the environment on a personal level can dismiss it extremely easily. I am not going to claim that I have never littered, or anything that sets me above these other people in life. However, as an Eagle Scout, I have personally learned to love, admire and respect the land. Museums, especially in this experience, give myself and others a one-to-one with the earth around you that isn't always immediately around you on a college campus. I was definitely able to connect with nature via the Museum the way Leopold wished, but I just wish more would as well.

Nature and the Human Spirit

This Museum helps us step out of our own lives by immersing the average person in our own world. The Florida museum is unique in the sense that it brings Floridians into their specific surroundings, but I feel like this applies to all Natural History Museums . By reconnecting us with the real world, the earth, it drives an ID-like feeling deep within ourselves that we are part of something bigger. Is it spiritual? Sure, but more importantly, places like this are the things connecting and binding us to nature in an unnatural world.


PHOTOS TAKEN BY: Reanne Mathai and Christopher Wallack

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