Searching for mythic animals in the museum


Author teachers: Katerina Gounara & Olga Keramida

Children's Age: 4-6

Learning Outcomes

General: To understand the usefulness of a museum. To recognize its value and love it. To integrate the essential in their daily lives as a source of knowledge and entertainment. To cultivate museum code and contact.

Specific: Children are encouraged to develop their cultural identity.They learn to work together in a collaborative way. They develop their language skills. Their imagination is stimulated. They express themselves with their bodies. They develop initiatives and social skills. They improve their visual perception, observability and mental skill like following a map and instructions. They improve their natural inclination to investigate and create!

Activity's description

(Before our visit we have prepared our pupils with relevant activities . Children are divided in four groups)

Step One: Every group must find a specific mythic animal in the museum.Each group has a map that indicates the path they should follow to find the hidden animal. As they come in front of the showcase children recognize and describe it and then they can listen animal’s voices, as the mythical animal is a combination of animals, and they will win the animal’s poster.

In front of the showcase children can write the names and draw the animals that consist their mythical animal.

Step two: All groups gather together, after having found their mythical animals. Each group must present to the others its animal, in a different way. One group, by quizzes, the other by making the sounds of the animals , the other by moving like the animals, and the fourth one by showing its pictures.

Step three:Workshop/ Children gather to museum’s workshop. They are given lots of animals photos in puzzle pieces and they must try to connect them and make the exhibit they found. Then we will mix the pieces and ask kids to take some of them and recreate a mythical animal of their own. They are asked to cut pieces of animals and make their one mythic one. Τhey have to present it to the others and give it a name. Teacher can take photos and write down the names of the animals in order to create a gallery at school and on artstep.

All of them will gain museum’s investigator badge.

Support required

We will find material (information and photos) for the museum and mythical animals from internet, the museum’s web site ( and from museum’s staff ( we will be in contact with them or invite one of them in class for an interview).

On LiNE TOOLS for puzzles for maps creation for badges for the gallery for an ebook with the drawings and the information and for a “thank you” card to the staff of the museum to record kids impressions about the visit to present our field trip to the museum to the other classes and parents to make a poster


- We will record kids thoughts like: “when you see your friends, your parents what will you tell them about the trip?”

- Children present to the other classes their trip-field to the museum ( with prezzi )

-Make a poster of their highlights of the visit to advertise it to their classmates!!!!!!!!!!

-Make an ebook with their drawings and information about mythical animals

-Make a virtual gallery

-In contact with kids parents tell them to visit the museum with their kids and it will be kids turn to be parents tour guide.



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