In 1965 after meeting with community people of Watts California, Miss Eartha Kitt began the Community Dance School in a small gymnasium. Other professional dancers assisted in teaching and the classes soon outgrew its original location at West Minister Neighborhood Association. The program relocated immediately with The Los Angeles City Park & Recreation Dept., which provided facilities for Kittsville Youth Foundation for a long time. With a competent staff, parents and community help, Miss Eartha Kitt developed an outstanding and still existing cultural arts project in Los Angeles.

The EARTHA KITT’S KITTSVILLE YOUTH FOUNDATION DANCE & CULTURAL ARTS PROGRAM is open to everyone, there is no charge for the classes. Miss Eartha Kitt used to personally instruct the classes whenever she was in the city. Today, alumni from the program voluntarily give their time and talent to share with all our students.

The EARTHA KITT’S KITTSVILLE YOUTH FOUNDATION DANCE & CULTURAL ARTS PROGRAM was established to develop a community program for the underprivileged youth of Los Angeles that are educationally and culturally deprived. The program’s object is to have an ongoing concrete community project which provides cultural enrichment for both children and parents. In addition, Kittville Youth Foundation will keep working to provide exposure to professionals in the performing arts and a variety of available arts; and will encourage the youth to have self-esteem, pride, self-dignity and willingness to learn about his or her own culture as well as other cultures. Our aim is to continue to help the youth of Los Angeles grow in creativity and develop new learning activities that will provide improvement for change now and in the future.

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