Spanish midterm By: drea

A= ah B=be C=ce CH=che D=de E=ay F=efe G=ge H=hache I=i J=jota K=ka L=ele LL=elle M=eme N=ene ñ (eñe) O=o P=pe Q=cu R=ere RR=erre S=ese T=te U=u V=ve W=doble ve X=equis Y= I griega Z=zeta This is the Abc and how you say them , When you are learning them you have to say them like that and that is how you say them in Spanish

ñ pronounced N-yay ~ <- tilde LL * elle pronounced -------- en-yay makes ya sound

D when between two vowels it makes a the sound like Nada= na-tha

J, G, X, make "H" sound

J always makes that sound of a H

The ABC's in spanish

Boy is EL

Girl is La

Ell=he,,,,,,,,,,, Ella= she

Nosotros= boy ,,,, Nosotras girl

Ellos= boy ,,,,,, Ellas= gril

Greetings and farewells

Hola= hello

Buenos Dias = good morning (dawn -12)

Buenos Noches = Good evening

Buenos Tardes =Good afternoon (after 12 to dust)

Como te llama - what is your name

Me llamo - my name is

Mucho gusto - pleased to meet you

Nada- nothing

Regular- okay/ so so

Gracias- thank you

Adios!- good bye

Hasta luego- see you later

Hasta manana - see you tomorrow

Nos vemos- see you

0=cero 1-uno 2-dos 3-tres 4-cuatro 5-cinco 6-seis 7-siete 8-ocho 9-nueve 10-dies 11-once 12-doce 13-trece 14-catorce 15-quince 16-dieciseis

17-diecisiete 18-dieciocho 19-diecinueve 20-Veinte 21-Veintiono 22-Veintidos 23-Veintitres 24-Veinticuatro 25-Veinticinco 26-Veintiseis 27-Veinitisiete 28- Veintiocho 29-Veintinueve

Treinta, Cuarenta, Cincuenta, Sesenta, Setenta, Ochenta, Noventa,Cien

Trienta-y-uno , Cuarenta-y-seis this is how you you put it is to the full number

¿Que hora es?= what time is it, , , Son las Tres y Cincuenta,

Media - half:` 30mins , Cuarto- 1/4: 15 mins, Menos- Minus, Hora-hour, Minuto-Minute

Es la uno menos dies- its ten minutes till one

¿Que Hora es?

Dias de la semma

Lunes=Monday, Mortes=Tuesday, Miercoles=Wednesday, Jueves= Thursday, Viernes=Friday, Sabado=Saturday, Domingo=Sunday

Enero-Janurary, Febrero-February, Marzo-March, Abril-April, Mayo-May, Junio-June, Julio-July, Agosto-August, Septiembre-September, Octubre-October, Noviembre-November, Diciembre-Decemeber.

Hoy- Today - Hoy Es Lunes Today is Monday, ¿Que dia es hoy?- what is today, ¿Que dia es monara?= what is tomorrow?, Cual es las fecha? what is the date, first is the date then the month than the year so it would be, Hoy es el 13 de febrero de 2017

El Calendario

Invierno-Winter, Primavera-Spring, Verano-Summer, Otoño-Fall

Clima= El tiempo- To talk about the weather, Hace mal tiempo- the weather is bad, Hace buen tiempo- weather is good, Hoy una tormenta- there is a storm, Relampago-Lighting, Esta fresro- its chilly, hace calor- its hot, hace sol- its sunny, hace viento-windy, llueve-rain, Nieva-Snow,

Las Estaciones

3 ending types Er/ Ar/Ir

~Conjugating- changing the verb to match the tense and the subject

Step to conjugating verbs 1. box your stem 2. Determine the ending Ar/Ir/Er 3. Find your subject for the needed ending 4. Drop you Ar/Ir/Er ending. 5. add the needed ending

Los Pronombres (Pronouns) 1st is Yo-I, 2nd is Tu`-you(informal), 3rd is Ell-he, Ella-she and Usted-you ( formal) 4th Nosotros-boy Nosotras-girl=we 5th Vosotros-you all, Ellos-boy Ellas-girl=they, Ustedes-yall

Los Verbos

Ser/Ester mean to be

Ser 1st Soy, 2nd Eres`, 3rd es, 4th Somos, 5th Soi`s, 6th Son,

Estar 1st Estoy, 2nd Esta`s, 3rd Esta`, 4th Estamos, 5th Esta`is, 6th Esta`n

Boyfriend-Novio, Girlfriend-Novia, Stepmother-Hermadrastra, Stepfather-Padrastro


Shannon- Hola Buenos Dias

Drea- Hola Me llamo Drea. ¿cuál es tu nombre?

Shannon- Me llamo Shannon. ¿Co`mo esta?

Drea- muy bien y tú

Shannon-muy bien ¿Cómo va su día?

Drea- Es bueno y tu?

Shannon- Bien. te hablaré más tarde

Drea- De acuerdo, adios

Shannon Adios


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