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European Exploration


Creation of the Silk Road

The Silk Road was a system of routes from Europe to the Indies. These routes were used for trading finished products with the whole land.

Silk Road closed off to Europe

The Turkish shut off the Silk Road to the Europeans which caused them to come up with another way to trade and make money.

sailing against the wind

Prince Henry created the Caravel. The Caravel was a ship that could sail into and against the wind. The Portuguese were the first to use these kinds of ships.


Portuguese Exploration

The Portuguese began to explore the West Coast of Africa. Vasco De Gama arrived in Arabia, India.

Ferdinand magellan

Ferdinand Magellan had the first expedition to circumnavigate the globe in 1519. He became the first European to cross the Pacific Ocean.

Christopher Columbus

Christopher Columbus claimed he knew a shortcut to the "Spice Islands". Spain financed him in his voyage. He crossed the Atlantic Ocean and stopped at an unknown piece of land

Colonization of the "New World"


Discovery of the "New World"

Christopher Columbus told the King and Queen of Spain that he knew a shortcut to the "Spice Islands". Spain agreed to finance Columbus on his voyage. He later runs into land that he thinks is the East Indies but is actually the Bahamas. Columbus notified Spain but died shortly after.

Conquistadors Exploration of the Americas

The Spanish Conquistadors arrived in the Americas and explored the land. They overpowered the Natives because the Conquistadors had more advanced weaponry than the Natives.

fertile Land

After overtaking the Natives, the Conquistadors discovered that the land as fertile.


Sugar PLantations

The entire land that was discovered were converted into sugar plantations so the Europeans could sell it for lots of money.

Native Slavery

The Natives were forced to work for the Europeans. They planted and they harvested crops for the Europeans. They were not paid.


The Europeans who traveled to the Bahamas spread their diseases to the Natives. The Europeans adapted to their diseases over time and so did the Natives but as soon as they collided, they exchanged diseases that they never adapted to. Native populations decimated.

Imported Slaves


Native Slaves

Europeans forced Natives to work for them.

Slave Mistreatment

The Natives were mistreated. They did not get paid to harvest crops. The Natives were dying from the diseases and being tortured and starved to death.

Bartolome De Las Casas

Bartolome de las Casas was Spanish writer who traveled with other Europeans to the Bahamas. He exposed how the Europeans mistreated the Natives.


Europe, Africa, and the Americas began to trade finished products called the Triangular Trade.

Slaves from africa

A route from Africa to Americas was made to transfer slaves to the Americas. Diseases from African slaves spread to Europe and the Americas.

the privateers

England got involved with the Triangular Trade. State sponsored pirates called privateers had permission to attack Spanish ships and rob them of their gold and silver.


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