Artist statment semester 1

Three things that I've learned about photoshop , Illustrator and InDesign .

The things that I've learned about photoshop is that there are multiple different tools that you can use for blurring , burning , taking out background and adding multiple layers to create something amazing.

In this project i have used all the tools listed above . also i used a shading / blending tool to make everything look as 1 .

One this that I've learned about illustrator is that most big companies use illustrator to create interesting logos to help their company grow and get more costumers to buy their product .

This was created by a company that used Adobe Illustrator .

Lastly , the thing that I've learned about InDesign is that you can create different font sizes and text on projects , also that you can make the letters bold , in different colors and have all types of fancy designs around our text that we are creating .

This is another one of my projects but this project was used with Photoshop and InDesign as you can see that i changed the coloring of the font and also the size of each font .

Three things I've learned about working with clients and with partners .

The things I've learned about working with other people on projects and creating something for someone is that you guys will always have a disagreement on a lot of things and will never have the same idea for a project .Also another thing is that the person you are creating something for will not always like what you have presented to them . Finally you will always have to go back and make multiple changes and revisions to your piece so it can become just right .

On this poster for the school play Pippin at George Washington High school was a poster to were I had to work with someone to create and for the person we needed to create this for was to see what we needed to add and what we needed to take away to make the poster better then what it was .

Why it is important to have a portfolio to show off your work and the personal beliefs that you have.

The reason why it is important to have a portfolio to show off your work and personal beliefs is because when you do this you can express your self and show the world what you can do and you can also give specific reasons on why you created your project and another thing is because you can also get feedback from other people and they can tell you what you need to work on and what you didi really well as an artist .

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