Transcendental Pop Culture Project By Briana Torres


“To be great is to be misunderstood”


Zootopia, 2016, Disney Movie

In the film Zootopia the world is populated by mammals seperated into both preditors and prey. The main character Judy Hopps wishes to become a cop since ever since she can remember. Although there is a big problem, she's a bunny. In this world it is a complete joke for a bunny to be a cop because that job would be expected from a tiger, bull, lion, etc. After living her whole life being told there’s NO way a bunny can be a cop she overcomes all obstacles and strives for her goal.

One of her first assignments on the job was to hand out parking tickets, nothing extreme. As time goes on she finds out about a missing mammals case and wants to hop right on to it. She's told she isnt fit for the case but she argues her way into it. When he boss finally says yes, he informs her she has 48 hours to find the 14 missing mammals or she will be let go. Before going on her way of the case she asks Nick Wilde, a very well known fox around the town, to help her out. As the film goes on she gets a hold of all the right clues. They lead her to the Cliffside Asylum, and they come to find out that Mayor Lionheart is keeping the 14 mammals hidden form the public while a scientist is trying to find out the reasoning behind all of their unnatural behaviors. Lionheart ends up getting arrested for his illegal doings and Judy does as she knew she would and proved all of her comrades wrong and is praised for solving the case. The savaged predators are cured with an antidote and go back to their normal lives. Hopps keeps her place in the ZPD and Nick becomes the first fox cop, also as her partner.

I personally think this movie is the best example when it comes to nonconformity because as the quote says, "To be great is to be missunderstood", no one really got why Judy wanted to be a cop she was just merely made fun of various amount of times because she "wasn't fit for the job" and was completely taken as a joke. I aspire to be just like her in so many ways. Hopps never once let any of the gibberish saying she couldn't do it get to her. She wanted to be a cop with a passion even knowing she was just a bunny. Judy beat all stereotypes thrown at her and did what her heart led her towards.

Self- Reliance

“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.”


Shine - Henry Rollins

If I listened to everything they said to me, I wouldn't be here

If I took the time to bleed from all the tiny little arrows shot my way I wouldn't be here

The ones who don't do anything are the always the ones who try to put you down

You could spend your entire life in the nowhere land of self doubt

When you start to doubt yourself

The real world will eat you alive

It's time to align your body with your mind

It's hero time

It's time to align your body with your mind

It's time to shine

This song "Shine" by Henry Rollins shows both confidence as well as self-reliance. The song begins with the lyric: "If I listened to everything that they said to me I wouldn't be here." This shows how he is self-reliant in himself, as he believes that he was successful because he believed in himself instead of listening to what others told him. In the song he is also telling about hoe heisnt afflicted by what other people say about him and he just goes on doing his own thing. "When you start to doubt yourself, the real world will eat you alive." i love when he says this line because he's expressing how much confidence he has in himself and how nonone should doubt themselves just do what you believe in.

Importance of Nature

“Live in the sunshine, swim the sea, drink the wild air.”


Wall-E, 2008, Disney Movies

>The earth Wall-E(robot) now lives in is so full of trash that all humans had to be evacuated. As he's going through the dump he comes across a refridgerater he comes across a plant. It's the first instance of the color green in the whole movie. Wall-E scoops up the plant, puts it in a boot and takes it home.

The mysterious plant is the driving force for the whole movie, and little does Wall-E know, it's the object that will bring humanity back to Earth. when the end of the movie comes, it seems that humanity is doing a good job rebuilding Earth. The plant Wall-E found is resembling our Tree of Life.

Just like the quote from Emerson says, “Live in the sunshine, swim the sea, drink the wild air.” I think this all relates to a new begining not only for all of humanity in the movie and Wall-E, but for ourselves as well.

Favoring Intuition over Reason

“Nothing can bring you peace but yourself. Nothing can bring you peace but the triumph of principles.”


Soul Surfer, 2011

>Teenager Bethany Hamilton lives in Hawaii as well as her whole family full of surfers. Bethany and her best friend Alana Blanchard have been entranced by surfing since the very first time they got on a board. They both enter a surfing contest and wind up getting 1st and 3rd place. The following days they continue surfing and unexpectedly a large tiger shark comes up behind her and attacks. Getting out of the water she discovers her arm had been torn off right below the shoulder. She's rushed to the hospital by her friends and couple of her family members. Besides losing her left arm, she also lost 60% of her blood and Dr. Rovinsky calls her survival a miracle. Swarms of paparazzi also proves to be a great strain on her family and their privacy as well. Her injury keeps her from participating in the Rip Curl photo shoots, but she wishes Alana well.

Bethany struggles going through er daily routines but copes. After a recuperation period, she gets back in the water, and learns to surf with one arm. Bethany eventually re-enters the competition, telling rival Malina not to go easy on her, and rejects a five-minute head start offered by the judges. She ends up with a loss, she decides to give up competitive surfing and her friendship with Alana is strained. Bethany joins the youth group on another mission trip to help the people of Thailand who were devastated by the 2004 tsunami. By joining the youth group she helps the Thai children get over their fear of the ocean. Many of the children are understandably afraid of the water and she slowly helps them enjoy it. The realization that she can use her gift to inspire people motivates her to take up surfing again. Bethany ends up going out for another competition and since she's the only one able to sense big waves, she is the only one who chases a huge wave, the others follow once they see it but they take too long and miss it. She doesn't end up with the win but in the end she follows with telling the reporters even if she could get her arm back, she wouldn't because it made her a better person in and out.

Knowing how hard this was for Bethanty to overcome in the begining, the strong soul of hers overcomes it all. The loss of her arm ends up being the best thing that ever happened to her because it made her realize all she has and how greatful she should be. I can personally say i went through something like this, although I did not loose a limb in order for me to see all i have to be greatful for. The story of Bethany Hamilton is ana amazing story of faith, family, and a great fight.

Simplified Life

“For every minute you remain angry, you give up sixty seconds of peace of mind.”



>Many who don't know much about the Amish tend to think their lifestyle is more of a inflexable and staid. in fact, the Amish actually live a literal interpretation of the ways of the Bible. As for families it is very common to have many kids, ususally about eight to ten. Four out of five Amish children will choose to be baptized and remain their life in church. Clothing choices for the Amish are rather simple, it's built off of outward manifestation of their faith, purity and social separation from the world.

Men wear dark-colored suits, straight-cut coats with no lapels, broadfall trousers, suspenders, solid-colored shirts, black socks and shoes, and black or straw broad-brimmed hats. Men traditionally do not wear mustaches and wait to grow a beard up until after marriage. Amish women wear modest, solid-colored dresses, usually with long sleeves and a full skirt, a cape and apron. Hair is never cut and is worn in a bun on the back of the head, concealed by a prayer covering. Woman are also not to wear jewelry or printed fabrics.

The Amish do all without any type of electricity. Travel by horse, buggy, or walk. They read and spend week vacations with family and friends. All gifts given by the Amish are handmade. Have enormous gardens(weeds free). Knowing how simple and technology-free life can be gives me some sort of beautiful bliss. People have been so wrapped up in the new generation of technology they forget there is a whole world out there ready for them to explore. Life back when there wasn't so much technonogy around must have been absolutely wonderful.


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