10 Incredible Inventions from Ancient China Number 6 will will blow your mind!

NUMBER 10: Porcelain

Porcelain affected the entire trade community because it was so valuable. The reason it was so valuable was that only China knew the magic recipe to make it. It was strong, durable and beautiful. Trade along the Silk Road made all countries flourish and porcelain was a big trade item.

NUMBER 9: Umbrella

Rain can be calming and peaceful, but if you're caught in a storm and have somewhere to be, you don't want to show up soaked. The Chinese invented a handheld tool that prevented rain from getting on the people below. Keeping dry was much harder back in their times also because they couldn't just throw their clothes in the dryer.

NUMBER 8: Compass

Getting lost in the wild is bad enough, but the Chinese traveled by ocean and getting lost in the ocean meant you had no bearings of where you are. You could end up in Africa or Antarctica without something to guide you. This affects exploration from then until now when the whole world exists on digital maps.

NUMBER 7: Paper Money

Paper money was far cheaper to make than coins, so this switch was a definite boost to all economies who used paper money.

Number 6: Gunpowder

Not only do we use a ton of gunpowder every year or the Fourth of July celebration, it completely changed the way humans fight. Unlike bows and swords, guns could be improved on, in accuracy and reloading speed up to now where they are very dangerous.

Number 5: Silk

Silk was also an important trade item on the Silk Road and was also very expensive. It was very hard to make and only the Chinese could do it properly.

Number 4: Alcohol

Alcohol is known as Jiu in China and is used for a spiritual offering. Alcohol was a widely consumed product and was very popular. It was used in cooking a lot and still is.

Number 3: Clock

While the sun could be used to get a relative time, having a definitive way put China ahead of all other countries because of the way time and clocks can be used to make a place more organized.

Number 2: Row Crop Farming

While throwing seeds randomly into a field was easier, rate of success for all plants significantly increased when farmed in rows. The increased rice and other popular crops farmed kept more of the population fed and led to China flourishing.

Number 1: Paper

While papyrus had already been invented by the Egyptians, paper was much easier and cheaper to make, but came at the cost of durability. For centuries, writing on paper would be the most popular way to share information until now, when the digital versions are the new way to share.


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