Cheer & Tumble Orange Park

Body Conditioning- Tumbling 101

Students will condition for cheer tumbling, focus on foundations such as flexibility, stamina and transitions. Whole body workouts for strengthening, endurance and acrobatics involving floor work, mats, resistance bands weights and other implements

  • Gain significant knowledge of gymnastic elements, principles and concepts
  • Develop and apply understanding of various techniques to drills
  • Utilize drills in routine stunts
  • Effectively move as team (synchronized) 
  • Communicate ideas, thoughts and feelings on how to improve execution using balance, flexibility and power

Class Run

  1. Affirmation. 5min
  2. Drills. 30min
  3. Q/A. 5min
  4. Activity. 10min
  5. Chreo. 30min
  6. Cool down 10min

Discipline Description

  • Conditioning: stretching for flexibility, strengthen for power
  • Drills: build muscle memory, confidence and stamina
  • Partnering: build morale and trust
  • Freestyle: develops the stand out factor

Build and maintain a quality movement program for students to better achievement personal and team goals (acknowledged, analyze, identify, contextualize). Improve students accuracy and skill set

Intent, journal, video, perform, report, assessments

Created By
Remica Funderburk

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