Digital Photography Portfolio By: Jennifer Carpenter

I decided to take digital photography because I've always loved taking photos and I wanted to learn more about taking proper photos. With this class, I've learned how to take more aesthetically pleasing photos.
One of the things we learned about was depth of field. Depth of field is how sharp or blurry the photo is, depending on the aperture.
Another thing we talked about is lighting. The lighting shown in the picture is high 45 lighting and side lighting. There are many types of lighting to go with different types of photos.
This is a photo before optimizing.
This is a photo after optimizing. If you'll notice, the photo is overall much brighter. The steps taken in order to optimize the image was: duplicate the background layer, then I added a levels layer, and finally a curves layer.
I believe that portraits taught me the most because of how much I learned. I learned that a pleasing photo includes good lighting, catch light in both eyes, and a pleasing facial expression.
In the future, I plan to use my photography skills in many ways. Now I know the best way to capture a beautiful picture of a sunrise or sunset is by quickly choosing a good aperture and shutter speed.
In conclusion, this is part of my last project. For Project 7, I did the doubling your shot. I wanted this photo to convey a sense of reaching in different directions, unsure of where to go. That's why the model's eyes are closed.
This is the second, and last, part of my project 7. In this photo, she is supposed to look like a little kid pretending to be a ballerina. That's why the two facing forward seem to be more opaque. She's dreaming of it becoming true one day.
The End.
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Jennifer Carpenter

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