George Washington Discover the Washington difference

We all know George Washington is a former general, but what wars did he fight in?George Washington fought in the French and Indian war and he fought in the Revolutionary war.George Washington is probably the most qualified man to president in the whole United States Of America. George Washington served as a general in both wars and that is like being president of your group of military.

First Presidential Cabinet

George Washington picks 5 people to be in his cabinet but are they the right picks?Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton are very smart men but they do not see eye to eye on any of there personal ideas.Thomas Jefferson is the secretary of state,Alexander Hamilton is the secretary of treasury,Henry Knox is secretary of war and Edmund Randolph was the attorney general. George Washington picked John Adams as the vice president.All of these men are very qualified to do what they do and are very good choices for the positions they are in.

One of the biggest problems in the country today is the elastic clause.What is the elastic clause you ask,The elastic clause is a document that gives congress the power to do whatever is necessary and proper to carry out it's specific power.In other words it gives congress the power to do what they need to do.The elastic clause is needed because if congress did not have the elastic clause then they would have to get certain permission to carryout there work and that takes to long and wastes time but with the elastic clause congress can do what they need to do without wasting extra time.

Presidents House,Philadelphia

Another problem this country has is that we are in loads of debt and we owe money to many countries but how are we going to pay dept you ask well let me tell you.Washington and Hamilton have established a plan to build a national bank that will regulate money so eventually we can pay back all of those countries.

National Bank

The capitol of the United States is D.C is this a good or bad idea?The United States capitol is in a very good spot, D.C is in the middle of the country so it is wise to make it the capitol.Sure it's a swamp but with a little bit of work some beautiful monuments could be built their one day.

Washington D.C

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