Snapshots of everyday life

Window-Lit Photo

Madeline Bare caught in thought while the fall sunshine illuminates her face and blonde hair

Macon Photo

The Ocmulgee Native American Festival was proud to host women of the Cherokee tribe as they showed the audience their traditional wear and dances.

Feature Photo

4th grader, Ileana Carter, soaks up the last few warm days by laying out on the sidewalk surrounded by her beautifully drawn chalk pictures

Sports Action Photo

Mercer Women's Basketball player 25, KeKe Calloway, blocks the shot of a player on the opposing team in an effort to keep them from running up the score.

Environmental Portrait

Musician, Ben Arthur, puts on a huge smile while playing for a intimate audience during a house concert.
Mercer ROTC Cadet, Alfred Troy, salutes the flag and simultaneously his shadow salutes him back.

Photo Story- Rescue Mission of Middle Georgia

Niki Collis

Niki Collis, Development Coordinator, is a radiant energy at the Rescue Mission of Middle Georgia, her love for making sure everyone is successful helps to keep the whole operation running smoothly.

Residents of Rescue Mission of Middle Georgia

A group of the men who are enrolled in the Men's Life Recovery program at the Rescue Mission gather together to socialize and enjoy lunch.
Even behind the trays and food in the kitchen, the personality of this Rescue Mission of Middle Georgia member permeates through the kitchen.
Through out the day, members have the opportunity to hone in on their hobbies or even develop new talents. This particular individual is choosing to learn how to play new worship music on an electric guitar.
After a long day of work and study, a member of the Men's Life Recovery Program, falls asleep on the couch in the common area.

Residents of The Rescue Mission

Practicing worship songs on the piano in the church, this resident of the rescue mission enjoys spending his free time perfecting his musical abilities.
Residents are happy to call the rescue mission home, and don't hesitate to settle in and make it theirs.
Amanda, a recent graduate of the Rescue Mission of Middle Georgia's Women's Program excitedly shows me her prayer wall while getting ready to go to an appointment.
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