My school experience so far What classes, teachers, people, drama?

Should I start a blog? Maybe maybe not. I am in 7th grade. Ugh. I feel like i am writing a book. I am enjoying my year so far. A lot of stuff has happened. I have a long backstory but a brief description of my story is, Cancer, death, marriage, love, and happiness. My name is Anna Corinne Lewis. My hobbies? I enjoy doing volleyball, boxing, and i am a gymnast. To take out my stress i like to go home and sleep and while i am sleeping i have two of my favorite things next to me, my phone and my cat. i think of sleep as a thinking mode for me to rest and think. When I don't think then i don't stress. I have anxiety this effects my life in many ways. Why do i have anxiety? Well when I was 5 years old my brother John got Pancreatic cancer. He was the first child in the world to survive the surgery. He was 9 when he got the surgery. Wow many many years ago. He is now 17 and he is a body builder and has a girl friend and a job. I have always believed that miracles can happen. But what does this have to do with anxiety? well when he had to get his surgery he and my parents had to go to Pennsylvania and i had to stay with my grandma and go to school. I just noticed that i am not talking about school that is kind of my back story. My life is a never ending story of drama, laughter, and fun. My life is pretty great. I mean it is not like a magazine but i consider my life as pretty normal. I go to church every Sunday, i have responsibility, i have to listen to my fathers jokes. BTW if my father jokes you that means he approves of you. I have a normal life. My favorite thing in the world is social media. I love the tumblr sayings i find and the cute pictures of cats and elephants, but mostly i like to talk to my family and long distance friends. well back to school i am an A and B student, and i enjoy reading and writing as you can probably already tell.


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