Carving By:Alejandro a

I got the idea to make the carvey from my violin I like to play music and I desired to make a music carving. The story behind the carve is that I play the violin so I wanted to do something related to my violin. And idea I wanted to show was musical notes and something musically related. I searched on the internet for different notes that spelled my name.

I had to enhance the thinkness of lines to make the shapes carvable. I had to very carefully with a sharpie outline some of the musical notes so they would carve well. I had to change some of the shapes of the notes I searched on the internet. Overall my ideas did not change much but instead of just adding my name I wanted to add musical notes around it.

My steps for the carving were to put it into easel and then see how I would rearrange things to make it carve well in easel. I had to move the notes around to they would not interfere with other things in the carving. Another thing that I had to do with my design is making some lines thicker.

The carving machine is a machine with a drill tip that craves in to a material to make a design. I had to make sure that the board was clipped in so that the board did not move while carving. After the carve I had to un screw the clips and take the carving out, I also had to vacuum the little chips of material that got carved.

The machine drills in to the material. On a computer I had to check the carve setting and then I closed the machine and watched it carve. What was exiting is when the carving machine was about to make its first indent. I learned that carving something has a lot more steps than I thought.

My craving did turn out like I wanted it was just like my design. I did balance the positive shapes a little. What I am most proud of is my name carved in musical notes. What I could of improved was making the notes areoung my name bigger so they would carve better. The most interesting part of the proses was when it finished the carve. Something that was difficult was to decide where the musical notes went on the Howard where it would carve. Overall I really liked the process of carving.

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