Vinny Valentino (Vital Information), Creator: 20 Custom-created Patches

Allen Epley (The Life and Times, Shiner), Creator: 20 Custom-created Patches (set #2)

6 x Zoom Patches featuring this month's new Stompboxes and Amp + Cab

4 x Stompboxes

1 x Amp + Cabinet Combo

To download new Stompboxes and Amp + Cabinet combination, simply plug your G5n into an internet-connected computer, power on the pedal, and open the Zoom Guitar Lab software. Download and install the new, custom-created patches with the links below or on


From his debut, The Distance Between Two Lines, to his latest 2016 recording Groove Blue, Grammy-nominated guitarist and composer Vinny Valentino has expanded the confines of guitar and musical composition.

A versatile and experienced musician, Vinny has played guitar since age six. Influenced by the music of George Benson, Vinny chose to pursue Jazz as a career at age 16. Vinny earned his Bachelor of Music in Jazz Studies at Howard University. In 1988, he released his first solo recording, Vinny Valentino, and now has 12 recordings to his credit.

Throughout his career, Vinny’s shared the stage and studio with many respected artists including George Benson, Tom Coster, Russell Ferrante, Chick Corea, and Dave Weckl. He’s also appeared with his band as featured performers on BET’s jazz cable program, Bet on Jazz.

Vinny’s compositions are featured in the All-Jazz Real Book and have been recorded by John Benitez, George Benson, Sunny Sumter and Steve Haas. His composing, arranging, and recording talents have also been recognized by The National Endowment for the Arts and the Virginia Commission for the Arts.

Among the first musicians to perform live on the Internet, Vinny continues to be a pioneer in the digital music space with online clinics, performances, and lessons at His new Play Along Jazz website ( allows musicians to download tracks and play along with their favorite music genres.

Vinny has been the guitarist for long-standing fusion group Vital Information since 2006. Founded by legendary Steve Smith, the band includes Baron Browne on bass and Tom Coster on keyboards.

Vinny’s latest CD combines head-bopping funk with the soul of jazz improvisation and grooving. More recently, Vinny’s acted as arranger, co-composer and musical director for legendary singer, Mark Murphy.

I've been using the G5n a lot lately. It's already been around the world at least once, but most recently I used it at the Drum Fantasy Camp. As the Music Director of the DFC, I organize, arrange, and perform music from many different genres and styles. The G5n shines in all situations. From straight ahead jazz to James Brown, from Zeppelin to Hendrix. I was able to program sounds quickly and easily, changing patches seamlessly.


  • VV Std RCD - Volume pedal standard reverb, stereo chorus, delay.
  • VV Funkstr - Volume pedal stereo chorus, auto wah, reverb, delay.
  • OctiVe^ - Volume pedal, stereo chorus. pitch shift, reverb, delay.
  • Add Pld DS - Pedal adds distortion, reverb, stereo chorus, delay, Looper.
  • Nast Sust - Thick distortion, with reverb, stereo chorus, delay.
  • Bringin8tv - Pedal octive up with reverb and added gain at the end for more sustain.
  • Then 8tv - Pedal octive up with looper pre reverb, chorus and gain.
  • ACO Strmer - Strummy type of acoustic guitar sound.
  • Stringy - Multiple delays and chorus for lush volume swells.
  • OUT V11 - Spacey strange sound for efx and looping .
  • BoutDaBass - Simple but thick real bass sound.
  • Rhythm Sec - Start with a bass loop and add drums for a complete rhythm section.
  • V's Lesley - Lesley simulator almost a B3.
  • Jimi Stock - The Marshall rig with guitar volume gain adding distortion, Wah pedal, reverb and delay... think Jimi.
  • Hey Mikey - Fender Twin w/ SPX 90 style Mike Stern clean sound.
  • Scoforit - UK Class A amp a la John Scofield volume gain adds distortion, reverb, optional ring modulator, with a hall reverb.
  • Meo1a+Vibe - Mesa Boogie rig with add hybrid vibe.
  • BogTive dw - Bogner rig and an octave.
  • WalkThisWy - Combination of a Marshall head and a Fender twin cabinet give this the sound of Walk This Way lick.
  • VVerb Jazz - Simple hall reverb I use for straight a head jazz gigs.


A trained singer and experienced guitarist, Allen Epley has acted as the creative force for his current band The Life and Times as well as his former band Shiner. Between both bands, he has published well over 100 songs.

Allen formed Shiner in 1992 after receiving a B.A. in Music from William Jewell College. Shiner released four critically acclaimed records and a live EP over the course of a decade before disbanding in early 2003.

Even before the dissolution of Shiner, Epley was getting started on work for The Life and Times. He wrote more than 40 songs in a short six month period, which led to the release of the band’s first EP in 2004, and four subsequent full-length records. They've toured the US, Europe, and Japan many times with bands like Murder By Death, Pelican, Mono, Russian Circles, Boris, Sparta, The Appleseed Cast, and This Will Destroy You.

Allen has composed music for short films, commercials, and short documentary films for the Adler Planetarium in Chicago. The Life and Times' music has appeared in several online ads including a Richard Dawkins ad and Shiner’s “The Egg” was used in a Jeep Wrangler commercial in Mexico in 2014.

Allen is married with two children and currently lives in Evanston, IL where he is a member of the Chicago BlueManGroup as a bassist and Chapman stick player.

"I like the G5n for a lot of reasons. I like the fact that it allows me access to so many types of pedals, amps, and cabinets without having to buy it all. All the settings and parameters of each of the pedals are easy to manipulate, are effective, and they respond appropriately. When you turn up the drive, it drives just right. When you turn it down, it allows room for other things."

Photo by Krystal Mitchell

"The pedal chain is consistent with a live pedal chain…when you change the order of it, it will alter how the pedals react to each other. I like its volume swell features…all of the rotary and phasing, flanging features, and the fact that it can do loops, which we use a lot of. It is a very versatile pedal and very sturdy, too. I really like it."

Photo by Krystal Mitchell


  • WateryB3 - PDL Roto with pedal engaged gives nice organ sound followed by TapeEcho and AnalogDly for ethereal feel. RC Boost is at front for boost if needed.
  • JonBonCry - GoldDrive + DYNDRIVE push the Cry pedal, great for chords and leads.
  • BowWowSnth - Tremolo and Resonance pedal create wah effect while Pdl MnPitch with pedal engaged creates retro synthesizer effect through UK30A + UK2x12.
  • Maserati - SweetDrv, Phaser and Mod Delay through a UK30A+UK2x12 creates rhythmically overlapping notes in a pleasing fashion.
  • DeepScuzz - MonoPitch + TB MK1.5 + StereoCho + BG MK3 = single note deep down octave scuzz. best for single note riffs of the evil nature.
  • MeanRkLoop - TS drive and Stereo Looper into XtacyBlue+MS4x12 gives mean gritty tone for looping and layering within the loop. solo button on XtacyBlue allows good level above loop level.
  • BigReturns - DYN Drive gives drive to ModDelay and HD Hall for a surreal everlasting sound.
  • AutoSwell - TS Drive + SlowATTCK and Plate Reverb create the effect of volume swells on every note. good for single notes and chords.
  • FreakShow - SlowATTCK + SeqFLTR + PitchSHFT + Plate + OSC Echo = madness and instant mood tones for horror film.
  • ForeverPdl - SlowATTCK + PDL Roto + The Vibe + TapeEcho + Comp + HD Hall create a seemingly never-ending sound scape.
  • SpaceFace - SlowATTCK + HD Hall + SeqFLTR + RingMod + PitchSHFT + AnalogDly create an alien like conversation burst.
  • RockLayers - ZNR+ TS Drive + GoldDrive work together or individually or any two at a time to create dynamics and distortion layering options for different parts of a song.
  • EmptyRoom - DYN Drive and Gt GEQ with AIR maxed out nicely combine to create the illusion of playing in an empty moderately sized room.
  • DesertDoom - ZNR and TB MK1.5 in front of XtacyBlue give a super compressed distortion with distinctly desert rock overtones. best on neck pickup.
  • PsychCity - TS Drive and Vibrato and Spring Reverb through FD TwinR + FD 2x12 becomes a modern day retro sound harkening back to early noise acts of the 60s. Kinks, etc.
  • GillyTalks - PDL Vol before Gold Drive + CRY + Tape Echo +XtacyBlue + BGN 4x12 gives tone and length similar to Dark Side era Floyd. great for long solo lines. swell in and out for smoothness.
  • MartianGtr - ZNR + RackComp + PDL MnPi t +RingMod + ModDelay + Hall gives an unEarthly tone that conjures images of Martian landscapes and old school aliens.
  • RobotLove - RC Boost feeds SeqFLTR, Octave and TapeEcho for a killer rhythmic effect that can be played to and around. the tape echo is set to a Triplet feel on top of the SeqFLTR 'groove'.
  • PureMarsh - Room verb into MS 800 + BGN4x12 creates highly realistic Marshall amp in room through a 4x12 cabinet. this is the heart of rocknroll.
  • DetroitRox - Simple Gold Drive+Spring + BG MK3 + MK3 1x12 gives amazing old school rock drive and scuzz without the scooped EQ of bigger amps and cabs. great for chords and leads.


  • ORG Glory - This backing crunch sound uses ORG120 and is perfect for British-style rock.
  • Corona Eye - This 80s sound uses CoronaTri.
  • ExciteShop - A hard crunch sound for studio work is created using the Exciter.
  • SwtDream (Direct for Recording) - Ambience adds rich reverberations to an FD DLX crunch sound.
  • DualDly (Direct for Recording) - This setting uses DualDly for a prominent delay.
  • ORG Glory (Direct for Recording) - This backing crunch sound designed for recording uses ORG120 and is perfect for British-style rock.


New Stompboxes available for download via the Zoom Guitar Lab software. Simply plug your G5n into an internet-connected computer, power on the pedal, and open the Guitar Lab software.
  • CoronaTri - This is a model of tc electronic's CORONA Tri-Chorus.
  • Ambience - This effect adds a natural ambience (air) to the sound.
  • Exciter - This exciter enables flexible control.
  • DualDigiD - This effect combines 2 individual delays.


New ORG120 Amp + ORG4x12 Cabinet available for download via the Zoom Guitar Lab software. Simply plug your G5n into an internet-connected computer, power on your pedal, and open the Guitar Lab software.
  • ORG120 Amplifier - This models the sound of the Orange Graphic120.
  • ORG4x12 Cabinet - This models the sound of an Orange PPC412 cabinet with four 12" Celestion Vintage 30 speakers.
We hope you love the new September 2016 additions to your G5n; there are plenty more on the way every month.

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