'Tis the Season' Celebrate" kay" style

I pray that this Holiday Guide ignites the spirit of Celebration inside of you!

Holidays can be joyful, even if your on a BUDGET! A lot of people feel bummed out if they can't shop endlessly during the holidays. Lack of cash can put a damper on the Holidays IF you let it. Check out some ways I save and celebrate!!!
  • #1 Right from the start-decide that no matter how much cash you have or don't have-you can still have an awesome Holiday season! The season starts with Thanksgiving & ends with New Year-that's a lot of days to celebrate.
  • #2 Instead of focusing on just Christmas and New Year, I find small ways to celebrate all the days in between. I create memorable moments with my family that make the entire Holiday season special.

#3 Think Free--there are tons of free events happening in your city! Search local community calendar and get out there. Churches also host a ton of free events during the holidays, so get dressed and get going.

Celebration starts at home

Set the atmOsphere in your home!

Decorate your apartment or home right away. Search Instagram and Pinterest for inspiration. Add seasonal scents like cinnamon and citrus to your home to add to the celebration.

Don't forget the Christmas music!! I love the older traditional music (yes I have cds of them), it creates a festive atmosphere and it will boost your Celebration mode. (Play it loud, so the neighbors get a taste of celebration)

Better to Give

Gifts, Gifts.Gifts

I never break the bank when it comes To christmas, im too frugal for that!

Pull on your Creative anointing (yes you have it!!) and make some Homemade gifts. I make scented Candles, Body scrubs, Spa kits, & Journals for my family and friends. They love it!! {don't know how? YouTube it}

When shopping -i always have a lIst (so i dont forget someone). I look for gifts that peOple can use and enjoy every week.

For Him

Shopping for 'Guys' is not as hard as we think. The key is to 'know' the personality of the guy your shopping for!

Does he love football? Cars? Art? Cooking?

Knowing about him, will make shopping for him easier. If you can't find out anything at all about a GUY your shopping for-don't default to a tie or socks!!!!!

  • If he drives, get him a gift for his car (they all love to have a clean ride) think air freshners and tire cleaners.
  • If he's a preacher pick up a few books or a leather bible
  • Coffee lover/Tea drinker-shop HomeGoods for personalized mugs and drink accessories!

Shop smart

Shopping during the Holidays takes Grace and Patience!!

Waiting till the last minute to shop creates stress!!

Pick two days to shop, pay a babysitter to watch the little ones while you shop. Plan out what stores your going to visit. Wear comfortable shoes (lines are endless!!) and fully charge your phone before you leave the house. (You can play a game or text while you wait in line) Go in Faith-you will find favor as you go!Be kind to other shoppers & wear a huge smile
Online shopping

Hate lines? Shopping online this Year.

  • Use sites that offer FREE shipping
  • Remember to check arrival dates, so your gift arrives before Christmas.
  • Make sure to have accurate sizes if you purchase clothing or shoes for someone.

Looking for "faith"gifts

My "go to" ideas that create instant family fun and celebration
  • Movie Night!! (Sign up for Netflix $8 a month and pop tons of popcorn) Shut off the cellphones & watch a funny Christmas movie together
  • Pile up in the car and search out neighborhoods that have the best "lights" & share childhood memories as you drive. OR-go to a public park that displays Christmas lights during the season.
  • Visit friends and family who live alone. (Older people are grateful to see my little ones come by-even with all the noise! Lol) Bring a cake and lots of laughs. Say a special prayer with that person before you leave their home.
  • Christmas concerts!! Schools and churches put on great plays, concerts etc and most are free or very inexpensive to attend. Get out in the snow and go!
Dont forget the JOY of Hot Chocolate and cookies!!!!! Have some twice a week

I pray this Holidag guide helps and pushes you to Celebrate this beautiful Holidag season. This is a great time to be grateful and content-keeping the focus on Christ & keeping our hearts close to God.

Merry christmAs friends!

Join our facebook group for more-Inspiration and Celebration {WhenGodSpeaks}

Let me know if you enjoyed this Holiday Guide. I love feedback. Email me at kaystarks30@gmail.com

-Elder Kay


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