Chapter 1

This image of God God is love and he loves us but sometimes he feels if we have forgotten about like in Rigo story when he says his dad used to be him he didn't feel loved or wanted it was hard for him but his mom really started to help him which made him feel good but his dad didn't feel the same. It always goof to have parents or friends or sibling that really love and care for you

this is when he like firecrackers and father G office Danny says that he didn't do it and he tells father G father G take him outside and ask him if he did it in Danny's still says no Father g says OK if you say you didn't and I believe you will give some money to get lunch I think Danny did this because he wanted someone to love him to get attention
Chapter 6. In this chapter father G talks about jurist diction when the boy he yells at him from the window and says he loves father G he says that we all need to use our jurisdiction and need to use it to one another and be kind and sometimes people cross those barriers and make us less likely to except people he related this to what he is doing with games by creating turf and bring field to the end and they say they hate Certain gangs just because they don't know jurisdiction and where to start and I can't get a ticket for sometimes

On looking back at this book I am very happy I read it it teaches me a lot for example a teaches me to be thankful for everything I have in life and to be thankful for my friends and family and my health and every night I go to bed I have a roof over my head

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