The Dark Horse By Harley's angels

About us:

We are the Harley’s Angels publication of the GA strand. We are composed of 4 members: Louise Saavedra, Ali pelea, Migui Balina, and Harley Santos. Our main goal is to stop the discrimination of GA students, prove to the people that GA students can also become achievers, and for viewers to be aware of GA’s excellency.

11-Chabanel (GA strand)

GA Star Athletes shines in UAAP 79

by Harley Santos and Louise Saavedra

Being a student-athlete requires the ability to balance one's academic performance, grueling hours of training, competitions and extra-curricular activities. That is what it takes to become a student-athlete and have the opportunity to participate in the UAAP. Basketball, football, swimming, taekwando and baseball are some of the sports that GA student-athletes excel in. For Basketball Dave Ildefonso, Swimming Girls even though they have practically four members only three swam in the UAAP Season due to residency, though the lack members they swam their best and prove them that they still can shine. One of which is Suzanne Himor from 11- Canisius who was the first Female Atenean to receive a medal and second Sarah Alvina from 11-De Brito. Taekwando Harley Santos from 11-Chabanel shines in his first UAAP Season and was awarded the Rookie MVP of the year and is also part of the Taekwando Philippine Team. Football Vinnie Vinculado from 11-Chabanel, Nacino from 11-De Brito and Jenlord Barcelona from 11-Favre placed 3rd Runner Up in their concluded season. And lastly for Baseball J Mendoza from 11-Chabanel is on of the Baseball Philippine team. Despite being looked down by other strand, the GA strand chose to shine in different ways they can, their efforts were not wasted, as they struggled to represent the school and the city, having fun and meeting new friends in the process. They made their country, school, family and friends proud as they did their best efforts in winning the competition. Admirable students these people are, for despite the school stress, they have time to balance their studies with sports. Ateneo will always support their elite athletes and give them the best they can.

Academic Achievers

by Ali Pelea

Here for the academic achievers are the students who put their knowledge to the test and go on challenging obstacles, where the only thing they can rely on is their intelligence based on what they learned. There are GA students that even use their knowledge to compete in contests like in Debate. GA students like Nicole Masagca (won best speaker) from 11-Chabanel and Julia Ocoma (first place winner) from 11-Favre represented the Strand for Debate. Some say that GA is a strand that's filled with rejects since it's mostly filled waitlisted students. Because of this, people say that GA students are "stupid" so they look down on the students. But these achievers show that GA students shouldn't be looked down on and that they should be treated equally like the rest of the strands because they too can excel in academics.


by Migui Balina


“Just a bunch of waitlists”

“The patapons!”

“The spraks!”

“The irrelevant”

Consider them haters, but they’re all just noise to us. No matter what they say, we still have the school’s finest athletes in basketball, football, baseball, swimming, taekwondo, and etc. We still have the best debate speakers. We still have promising talents from Dulaang Sibol, Indak, Il Voce, and etc. We still have seven sections composed of students who even though come from different places, cultures, and upbringings, show unity and diversity through their talents coming together to form the General Academics Strand.

Yes, we will admit. We do not master Science & Mathematics like the students in STEM. We do not know every principle in Business & Management like those in ABM. We did not learn the social sciences all over the world like the ones in HUMSS. But that doesn't mean we’re far back from where they are. That means we are setting a path of our own. We got a little bit of everything in our pockets, like having the whole world in our hands.

We are proud of our strand because even though we have been discriminated from the very moment we came along, we proved them wrong. We showed others that your strand doesn't define you and you are more than a label. We were second guessed, but we exceeded their expectations beyond limits. We are no longer underestimated, unappreciated, and undervalued. We are compelling. We are powerful. We are GA.


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