A trip to the Harn Museum of Art By: cali holber

Medium of the Art

This piece of art had a true connection with me, as the birds and the surrounding structure gave me two very different thoughts on life. The first being peace and serenity. The birds seem relaxed, peaceful, and one with their surrounding environment. In person, the piece of art spoke to me, as I instantly related this back to my life. I am an extremely peaceful person, and the beautiful creation made me feel at one with myself, as the delicate crafting of the background gives a relaxing feeling. The color of the birds gives off a tone of serenity, as purple is a color that I often assign to emotions such as tranquility and composure. The second association with the artwork that I made was freedom. Birds have the ability to fly away whenever they please and to explore the world. I strongly desire one day to have the capability to control my life and do what I want with it. The right side of the structure has two different interesting aspects as well. The top right has several stars, backing my opinion on freedom. To me, stars provide hope and an object to dwell upon to provide adventure as well as support. The bottom right has several musical notes, which I feel relates to serenity and composure. Music is the thing I always rely on to cheer me up as well to provide me with cures for sadness. By having these two different objects, the artwork helped me relate a lot more to the piece as a whole.

Design of the Museum

This section is particularly appealing to me due to the display of the exhibit. Other wings of the museum are a lot more close together, maybe even a little crowded; however, this section is very spacious. This particular piece of art is a perfect example. The museum could have chosen to simply put a picture or a miniature scale of this object in its place. But instead they chose to put this full scale art work in the center of the room, aiding the audience in appreciating the fine details among other aspects of this work as well as making it arguably the focal point of the room. The museum choosing to have the sculpture directly in front of the windows gave the art piece a different hue then otherwise obtainable through an unnatural light source. Having natural light imposed on the piece not only aids to the color, but also creates shadows due to the unique shape of the art work. This, in turn, adds to the complexity of the art by giving it more dimensions. This exhibit makes me feel empowered. If the museum does not have to sacrifice one of the many important aspects to allow this piece to be the best display that it can be, then I will be able to find a way to balance my values without sacrificing any of them.

Art and Core Values

This piece of art, by Louis Comfort Tiffany, appeals to my views of equality and understanding. At the first sighting of the light fixture, I viewed each light as someone's soul. I think of souls as very artistic and as a part of nature. This is because of the fact that soul's are ever changing and growing, just as plants are. Another reason that I thought that this piece represented souls because everyone's souls are all fundamentally the same. I believe that although all people have different views, values, and personalities, everyone has some part about them that is "good." To me, the "good" part of each person is the bulb within each light. However, each person has different "faults" about them which are shown as the discoloration, dents, and scratches about each glass light shade which are in the shape of the flower petals. These "faults" might be traits that are selfish, cruel, or sadistic. There are times when I don't get along with a person so much to an extent that I forget that every person has at least one positive aspect about them. Seeing this piece of art aided in relighting the belief that everyone has something positive/beneficial about them.

Art and the Good Life

The Volcano Series by Ana Mendieta is an example of how art can reflect the ideology of the good life. These various pictures of volcanoes are an example of a representation which reflects the human condition. The four pictures when put together are a progression which represents her feminist ideals and her sense of self. In the volcano, the outline of her body is in the volcano and the hole was filled with gun powder and then ignited. The ignition of the gunpowder represents the light that our patriarchal society formed inside of her. As a frequent feminist writer and artist, she often uses art to depict the injustices within society such as wage gaps, expectations of women, and vulgar sexual references frequently made in our society by our male counterparts. Fire is representative of her burning spirit within which guides her to her version of the good life. I relate to this as a woman in today's society because across the world, women still have to fight for equality in society. In America, we are plagued by gender inequalities which cause women to have to worry about harassment and planned parenting rights while in other countries there are even worse issues. For example, in many Middle Eastern countries, women must be covered head to toe and are completely dependent on their husbands. All in all, the way in which this set of photographs depicts feminist ideas relates to my version of the Good Life. I believe that no one will truly have a good life until there is equality across all genders, races, religions, and all groups of people. This theme of equality and fighting for the Good Life makes me want to make a difference and contribute to humanity's strife for humanity.

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