Is Graffiti More Than Just Words? Creating Graffiti Allows Artists to express emotion.

Graffiti is an art form presented through a medium of outside walls and surfaces. Although oftentimes illegal, graffiti has the potential to be more than just vandalism. Graffiti can sometimes represent people who like to express themselves with encouraging messages.

“Some graffiti is very beautiful to me, and it makes me appreciate the art we have in the world and the ability humans have to express themselves,” sophomore Jordan Mitchell said.

This piece of graffiti may be inspirational and encouraging to some people. This artist may have wanted people to feel inspired to be happy with their lives.

Graffiti can also represent people who want to create negative connotations for the public to see, such as inappropriate writings or drawings of gang symbols on buildings that can make people feel uncomfortable.

“If there is foul language or something considered bad and aggressive, I think that can be considered vandalism,” freshman Cailey Miller said.

Aggressive artwork can be created based on feelings graffiti artists have about things in particular. The way an artist feels may dictate the outcome of their artwork.

“Some people like to make graffiti about what they have experienced or what happens in their hometowns,” sophomore Prince Gahima.

This Graffiti is messy and random. The meaning behind this piece of artwork may be hard to understand due to the overlapping artwork.

Some artists may like to graffiti about their life experiences because it has the potential to reach a larger audience than traditional art forms; many artists who wish to present the ideas of their artwork to more people may choose to graffiti. Graffiti artists sometimes leave their artwork without a name because they do not want people to know who created the artwork. Although, if artists do want people to know, they will leave their name.

“I think graffiti can represent a lot of things,” Mitchell said. “Graffiti is art and it’s all about the artist’s purpose and how it makes the audience feel.”

Graffiti is created as a way for artists to express themselves. Graffiti artists choose which feelings they want to share with people and then produce what they feel. Whether it is encouraging or not, graffiti can make people feel different types of emotion.

This piece of artwork is encouraging people to reject love.