Because of U Aaron Lowe: Carrying The Legacy

I met you going into my junior year of high school. It was at the Boneyard. Where DBs and WRs would come from all over to compete.

I remembered watching you, and I remember my first impression of you thinking – “dang he fast.”

You were always just Ty. Always smiling, everywhere we went you were adding light to the room.

Since the day I met you I knew you would be a good person. And it was because people always looked up to you.

People always wanted to be around you.

We never talked about going to college together. You wanted to stay closer to home because of your mom. But after you de-committed from Texas, we had that talk.

I knew Utah could be a great opportunity for you to really be yourself.

I was excited when you committed here because I knew Utah would be a good fit for you – and it was.

Still one of my favorite memories with you was when you came to my dorm to hang out and walked in on Jordan Wilmore and I having an argument. We were talking about what was better, California or Texas.

You immediately put up a fight, because you knew the truth – everything is better in Texas.

It was your personality that influenced me. I had someone in you. Someone who came from where I came from.

Ty made everyone around him better. He made me better.

My friendship with Ty means a lot because he was always pushing me to be my best. He never let me settle for less.

It is Because of You that I am changing my number to 22. The impact you left on me and all of your friends will be something we will never forget.

I want to make sure your legacy lives on through me.