A Journey in Learning Jes Neilson and Jen Schaefer

Inquiry Learning

Starts with a good provcation

A thoughtful picture or artifact

An authentic experience or a compelling question....

Inquiry learning is about questioning and collaborating

Students learn from and with others. They learn to share opinions and to respectfully disagree with each other. They develop questions for further research and are prompted to take action.

Students take Action

Student action allows them to demonstrate their learning in a variety of ways. It gives them voice and choice.

Students pack refugee kits at Mennonite Central Relief

Acknowledging the work of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission

Students reflect and pay tribute to residential school survivors with art and poetry
Cleaning up the "Anthills"

Using Techology to Connect to the World

Building websites, skyping with authors and chatting with the mayor....

A teapot arrives from Australia..... We are challenged to repackage and safely send to Singapore
Google Classroom


Finding ways to help students make their thinking visible
Value the process and the learning as much as the product
Provide students opportunities to share what they are learning and how their thoughts are evolving
Knowledge Building Circle, Teacher Conference, C. S. I. (Colour - Symbol - Image), Six Word Stories
IEP students use Minecraft and Google Drawing to show their thinking.

Technology Fosters Engagement

Stop - Start Animation
Makey Makey
Students collaborating to code using a Sphero
Use the curriculum content to get at 21st century skills

Role of the Teacher

Learn alongside students

Provide opportunities for collaboration

Allow students to make a mess

See learning opportunities everywhere

Finds ways to connect the big ideas to the curriculum

Writing, Drama, Science, Math, Media, Social Studies, Oral & Visual Communication etc.

Promote a Growth Mindset

Build a community that encourages critical thinking and risk taking

Inquiry learning is a stance not a subject. It requires a complete shift in the relationship between student and teacher.

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