Selling Your Tickets USF Bulls New Account Manager

1. Sign in by clicking the button in the top right. Please use the email address and password to access your USF Athletics Account Manager.

2. Select the game you wish to sell on your Account Manager dashboard

3. Select the "Sell" button in the right corner.

4. Select the seat(s) you would like to sell and please remember the suggestion is to sell your seats together as a group to help fans stay safe.

5. Create your seller profile receive payment and to start listing your tickets.

6. You will now need to enter where you'd like your money to be sent. Once you select Bank Account if you do not have an account on file you will be asked to enter your information. You will also be asked to enter your contact information under Seller Profile if you have not already. Once you are ready to proceed, click "Continue."

7. Click "Confirm" to complete your transaction.

8. If for any reason you made a mistake in selling the ticket, back at the previous screen you will see your ticket was posted with the option to "Edit/Manage" in blue. Click the link, then select "Cancel Posting" in red to take back your original ticket.

If you have any complications or questions, please contact the USF Athletics Ticket Office at 1-800 Go-Bulls or e-mail us at bullstickets@usf.edu. GO BULLS!