From the Headmaster:

What a treat it was this week to be called to visit our Second Steps class, in particular to see the train that Christoper had designed and constructed. As well as a ticket scanning machine he had taken the time to include windows that had rather splendid views from the carriage.

On a similar topic, in advance of my Thursday morning assembly, I was attempting to fit my frame through the (narrow) door frame by the Year 2 classroom whilst also trying to carry far too many bottle of milk. Bemi, in Year 2, without asking or prompting, carried on our conversation and calmly helped me bring in the milk.

A simple act? Yes. However, we talk a great deal about the importance of kindness and doing good things, but in light of the recent assemblies on dreams and it being Martin Luther King day last Monday, I think it important that I celebrate this act of kindness, confident that such acts take place across the school everyday.

A busy week ahead. We are hosting a course on Tuesday for schools across the UK, our own staff will be enjoying two hours of professional development on Wednesday relating to learning outside the classroom and on Friday cross country and a parent social...Mr Papps was indeed quite correct in his judgment last week that no two days are quite the same at Park Hill.

Yours sincerely,


There are also some wonderful images from our Little Adventurers available through their own instagram page -

Please note: the school council expressed (very clearly!) that they found the school water bottles to be unsuitable (leaking over homework and desktops) and that they prefer to be allowed to bring in their own bottles.

Please note: If your children arrive late to school, please ensure you visit the school office to sign them in. This is for safeguarding purposes and is a requirement for schools. (Some of the reasons provided have been refreshingly honest...!)

iOS App Pilot

We had a very interesting visit from a French based app developer who would like our support with a handwriting application that they are in the final stages of releasing. As well as explaining how the app works, they also asked our children to undertake a number of handwriting tasks so that they could further refine the 'brains' of the app. Mrs Bond, our handwriting guru, throughly enjoyed working with their own in-house expert!

Parent Social

One of the many events that I look forward to at the start of the New Year is our now famous food and wine/beer pairing evening.

The approach is simple: give our incredibly talented Chef Leon carte blanche to create a variety of tantalising treats, canapés and hors d’oeuvres to tickle the taste buds that are then matched with a variety of wines, beers and non-alcoholic drinks to ensure a most enjoyable evening. In addition, a selection of cheeses from Teddington Cheese for those cheese lovers amongst us and, as previously requested, some single malt Scotch whisky to enjoy later in the evening.

I am delighted that so many of you will be able to join us for the evening; in fact, more that 60 parents and teachers will be present, I look forward to seeing you then.

Parent Workshop - Science

One aspect of our curriculum that we are particularly proud of is the level of challenge and practical nature our children enjoy in Science. Mr Stevenson gave some of our parents an insight into various elements of the Science curriculum this week. As you can see, some of the tasks were quite challenging!

Adventure School

I am grateful to you for ensuring that the children have the correct clothing for adventure school. The forecast for Monday is somewhat better than it will be for Wednesday morning - wrap up warm for some snowy weather around the corner!

No such thing as bad weather, just inappropriate clothing...

Chinese Students Visit

I am delighted to inform you that we shall be welcoming four pupils from China who will be joining us for the next two weeks. Our Year 3 and Year 2 children will, I am sure make them feel most welcome. I am particularly pleased that their visit coincides with Chinese New Year which we shall be celebrating.

News from Year 5 and Year 4

The timeline for Year 4 and 5 would be relatively mild this week. This is of course if you were to compare it with the Medieval period, between 1066 and 1492.

We have have been quite settled in class where pupils have been patient scribes as their Spooky Stories are written into their finest and most elegant handwriting. Cursive has been most present and it has been great to see and hear their industrious pens and pencils quietly dancing across the page.

We have also managed to begin our new topic of a non-chronological report. We are studying features or a report and developing our content to write about iPads, iPhone and other electronic devices, if our focus falls further from the Apple tree. Next week we will bring to attention: more work on colons and semi colons; using parenthesis to add more information to a sentence (embedded clauses perhaps). With our acquired grammar skills, we will employ them in a report to explain electronic devices, how they work and the arguing for and against their use in everyday life.

This week in Maths we have started on a focus looking at word problems that use Multiplication and Division using our skills developed in the first two weeks. The aim is to be able to create our own problems next week and see if we can tackle more complicated problems that require two or more steps to find the answer. Towards the end of the week we will take a large step away from the four operations and delve into co-ordinates and line graphs. Ordnance Survey maps will be out and data taken from our Tax survey will be analysed as we survey how much taxed is owed by fellow classes across the school following Judgement Day, or the Domesday Book. Any tax avoiders will be placed in the stocks and terminated too.

This torture will of course be inspired by our love of the Medieval period where we were most chronological this week as pupils made outstanding timeline presentations on Book Creator, charting events between the Battle of Hastings and the discovery of America. Murders, deadly plagues, wars, more wars, a Magna Carta and revolting peasants have all been placed upon a timeline and researched. Next week the bodies will be piled up high as we learn about the infectious topic of the Black Death. China has exported great things over the past Millenium. Tea, noodles, gunpowder, Ming Dynasty Vases. But nothing has been so deadly as the bubonic plague.

No one will be immune from studying next week.

News from Year 3

Year 3 have had another exciting week learning in groups how to light a Trangia and test out the hot chocolate, change a bike chain and general bike maintenance as well as read Ordinance Survey Maps , in preparation of our micro adventure after half term.

In English the children have produced some lovely poetry based around the character of The Tear Thief.

In Mathematics we have been efficiently using column addition and subtraction, realising the importance of place value and to look at the sign before starting our calculations.

In our PSHCE as well as looking at our dreams and goals, we have discussed what attributes make a great friend and reflected on ourselves and how we can improve ourselves.

News from Year 2

This week, the children have begun their work on imaginative writing using the stories of ‘Angry Arthur’ and ‘Millie’s Marvellous hat’ to base their stories around. The children created expanded noun phrases about their hats and how they would handle anger and what it looks like. Maths has been all about subtraction using partitioning. The children broke apart 2 and 3 digit numbers in order to more easily subtract them.

In Science, we had a particularly fun lesson on insulators and conductors of heat by trying to keep ice cream cold in a warm classroom. The children used different materials to test this and nearly everyone managed to keep part of their ice cream solid.

For the past 3 weeks, we have been busily coding on Espresso and have been learning all about different types of inputs, commands, and attempting to create algorithms. Over the next few weeks, we will be experimenting with even more inputs using some very fancy dancing robots.

News from Year 1

What an interesting week Year 1 have had! Which started with a day of investigation at Hampton Court Palace. The class were full of questions and curiosity and learnt a huge amount both about the palace, the Tudors and life upstairs and down. We loved exploring the Tudor kitchen and learning how to turn a spit next to a warm and crackling fire.

The visit enhanced our learning and for the next few days we have been researching into Henry the VIII, Tudor clothing and foods.

In Maths our focus has changed to measure and we have had many opportunities to measure with unusual items such as paper clips, giant feet and hand spans.

At Woodland school, we focused on listening skills, following precise instructions and working collaboratively through team games, so even though the weather was cold and chilly we remained warm and engaged.

News from Reception

This week we have thoroughly enjoyed using the iPads to enhance our learning in Maths - Shape and space! Some superb pattern creations were made using key note by adding and manipulating the shape, changing the colour and knowing what comes next. Reception are now very confident in handling their iPads and understand the purpose of a variety of great apps. Well done! I was most impressed when witnessing the children’s engagement using google expeditions in Miss Renfrew’s coding class - they had experienced many thrilling adventures together, I think the dinosaur land was their favourite!

Literacy was based on children in the role as a waiter/waitress, taking turns to write down our orders in the Pizza restaurant. I have noticed huge progress in their independent chid led writing which is amazing to see. Have a great weekend!

News from Second Steps

Second Steps have had a busy week and have been active learners. As part of our Topic “Growth”, we have been learning about our shoe size and our measurements. The children took off their shoes and measured their feet, comparing sizes. Next week we will be comparing how different our feet are now compared to when we were a baby.

We have been focusing on our numeracy and quantity recognition 1-20 as well as learning simple subtraction. We used some gloves filled with sand and had to work out the subtraction by bringing down the fingers and counting the remaining. We then had tho find the correct number and place it next to the sum. We have also been fetching the correct quantity and matching it to the numeracy.

In our role play area we have been playing Families, the children have had such a fun time role-playing what they do at home with each other. They created some lovely stories during their play and it was nice to see many children come together and share

Some lovely experiences.

Outdoor’s we have been exploring the cold weather, we found lots of frost on many different objects and when we touched it not only was it cold but it slowly melted too! This was due to the fact our body temperature being warm. In the mud kitchen we made some yummy hot soup and hot drinks for all our friends and teachers.

Second Steps have been learning about differences and how we are all different, we explored different photos and read books about this topic. We learnt that even though we may look different and do different things it is important to not only be kind but to also respect one another.

News from First Steps

We welcomed Santhosh and Arthur this week and the children helped them hugely to settle down. Well done to all children!

The First Steps children have started the week making lots of birthday cakes from the play dough then we decided to apply our skills to make delicious real cakes towards the end of the week. We truly enjoyed measuring, pouring and mixing the ingredients.

In the Early Years Assembly, we have learnt about ‘growth’ and discussed what changes would happened to our body while growing. We looked at a random selection of baby pictures and tried to find out which Second Steps children were they.

The children used their muscles and tried very hard to break the ice in the messy tray. They worked as a team and succeeded it at the end!

At Woodland School, children tried very hard to find all well hidden treasure around the bark area. When all treasure have been found, we counted them then compared them by sizes. The children had so much fun searching for treasure and we hid some treasure inside the class as well. On coming Tuesday morning, Woodland School children will need their wellington boots, please provide us with these.

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