Cyber Panopticon 2018


Internet and computer technology are the greatest achievement of human being. At the same time, the greatest achievement can also become a cage, a jail, a space that trap our souls. Our generation were born in the era of screen and Internet. Sitting in front of the screen, everything in the world is at your fingertips. But isn't it a jail for you? Cyber Panopticon is such a paradoxical space that you access to everything from here, you lose everything at the same time.


Unity, VRTK, Rhino 3D, HTC Vive


  • Week 12 - 14: Design scenes, include modeling, setting up objects, animations, lightings, colliders, and materials.
  • Week 15 : Testing in VR environment
  • Week 16: Done

What I Learned?

  • When build .exe file from Unity, make sure that "Fantastic" is chosen, otherwise your project will fail you!
  • VRTK collider is not perfect, player will go through the wall if they collide too many times.
  • Unity Lightmapping can help you create more realistic lighting, but you need to wait for a long time for it to bake for you
  • HTC Vive tracking camera should be set correctly, otherwise when playing with the HMD, you will be standing really close to ground, and I believe it has no relationship to VRTK.


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