lunch lady poison's student by Wyatt Hall

There has been a case of poisoning of a student named Timmy on the Tucker campus that has lead to his death, the culprit none other than whom we would expect last, one of our very own lunch ladies. While the student who was poisoned is believed to have been allergic to peanuts its believed that his peanut butter and jelly sandwich he picked up on accident had no traces of peanuts and was actually injected with cyanide. Even though no evidence has been released from police, we have talked to people who have had experience in the field, and asked them if the symptoms match that of the effect of the poison. Heres what they had to say "I've been a student of the local Richmond poison control school for 3 full days of training I have no doubt that the is indeed cyanide poisoning from the fact that the students throat closed up and he suffocated."- Dr. Larry Fabler. We also interviewed another student who was there when he died. "ive been a friend of jimmy for a long time. I was right next to him in the lunch line when he got his food. the lunch lady gave him a nasty look and whispered something under her breath, I didn't exactly hear what she said but It sounded like a threat. he only smiled and said thank you which baffled me but I decided to not question it. when we got back to the table he took one bite and collapsed, his face started to swell up and his tongue got all big and puffy. it was horrifying. I have no doubt in my mind that the lunch lady poisoned him.". we need to rise against the oppressive power the lunch ladies posses that they use to keep us down. the school board wont help us so we the students are the only one who can fight the evil of the lunch ladies and make lunch great again.

actual photo taken by undercover reported who caught a lunch lady poisoning a students drink, this is the type of monstrosities that our school allows. I for one will not stand for this and neither should you.
this picture depicts Timmy being rushed into an ambulance only to die later in the hospital. the school has not made a comment about Timmy's death but refuses to fire the lunch lady who's under the alibi that "she just only handed him what he pointed out when he was asked what he wanted."
we the student body need to boycott school lunches and call for the removal of all lunch ladies and have it replace with a subway to guarantee the safety of each and every student so no one will ever have to worry about poison being in there food again.

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