Feedback from Lynda.com

Throughout the short period from September 2017 – February 2018, Lynda.com has gained 649 active users. This is currently expanding by an average of 106 new users per month. The average videos watched per month are 2424 videos.

Below are some comments from staff and students about using Lynda.com

“It supported my teaching methodology well thought-out, well presented, clear and informative videos”
“It has helped me to develop my skills and I have also promoted the service to other members of staff, particularly with the Office 365 training that is available on the site.”
“It's a fantastic tool. I've become far more knowledgeable about software and therefore been able to teach my students more effectively. There is a wonderful range of tutorials.”
“It has enabled me to plan and prepare specific and tailored courses of study for student year groups, matching the tutorial levels to students' capabilities and amending this accordingly over time.”
“It helped me further my skills needed for my degree and even potential future career. I really like its easy usability and wide variety of tutorials.”

We also looked at rating the online tool, 1 being very poor and 5 being excellent. We got an average rating of 4.39 out 5. Meaning that the majority of the sample group suggested it was an excellent help to them.

Support Guide

Logging in using Lynda.com (within the University)

There are several ways to login. Lynda.com can be accessed using our single sign in service whilst on the university network.

To create an account whilst on the University network simply type:


This will lead you through the login process. It might ask you to login using your university credentials. Once that is done your Lynda.com account will be created.

Logging in with Lynda.com (Outside the University)

Go to Lynda.com and click sign in

Click 'sign in with your organization portal' and type Lincoln.ac.uk

You will then be redirected to the Lincoln login page. Login using your university credentials

Lynda.com will now create your account and ask you about your interests.


We have a specific Lynda.com Tab available inside of blackboard to support users and share up to date playlists and information.

Quicktip: Logging in from blackboard module site

I use this simple image to help students login directly from my blackboard site. If you attach the url to the image (http://lncn.eu/lyndalogin) they will be able to login directly from the blackboard page.

Creating Playlists

Playlist are a way to share a selection of videos with other users. It allows you to select individual videos or whole courses to add to your playlist.

To add a video/course to a playlist just click add to playlist in the top right hand corner. Then select the name of the playlist you would like to add it to. You can even create a new playlist inside of this menu.

Feedback about playlists from students

“Shorter tutorials will seem less daunting to students. (Break the longer tutorials into smaller 30 minute sections).”
“Make the tutorials smaller more bite size chunks. Like 6 hours is too much.”
“The tutorial I used was too long and would be better broken down into smaller sections”

Setting playlists will be helpful for this as you can hand pick individual courses rather than full courses. Students also need to be informed that they can skip to certain videos in the course from the left hand menu. Training can be given to support this.

Sharing Playlists on Lynda.com

To share a playlist from Lynda.com on blackboard. You need to create the playlist. Click make public, then click share.

You can share this link via email or URL Link but you must make sure to copy the link ' for someone within University of Lincoln'.

Using Lynda.com on Blackboard

We have recently placed the Lynda.com tool inside of Blackboard to help create a list of resources for students. The tool itself is very easy to use and allows you to place an entire course inside of a blackboard site.

Once you have clicked on the Lynda.com Course tool (inside of build content tab). You will access the search screen.

This tool helps you to search for either a keyword or a topic area. If you are using keywords try to be exact with what you are looking for or if you have found the name of a course you like then use the title that is provided at lynda.com

Embedding Lynda.com Playlists in Blackboard

To embed a playlist copy the link from the Lynda.com website (instructions above) and click build content, web link.

Paste the URL and name the component. Add in details about the play lists (see example below).

Then click This will create a link to the playlist inside of blackboard itself.

Any questions?

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