Three cities of Colombia Bogotá - Medellín - Calí

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According to statistics, Medellin is colder than Cali, but Bogota is even colder than Medellin and Cali.
Bogota is the capital (city) of Colombia. In 2009 more than 7 million people live in Bogota which is the largest city in Colombia. It is about 2,640 meters above sea level, on top a plateau (a mountain with a flat top). This makes it the third highest capital in the world. With many universities and libraries, Bogotá has become known as "The Athens of South America". The weather is usually nice during the day and cool at night. It has a series of bike paths (trails that are made for bikes) that wind through the city. It has many recreational and amusement parks open to the public. The current mayor is Enrique Penalosa.


In my opinion, the Medellin city is more beautiful than Calí and Bogotá.
Medellin is the capital city in the Metropolitan Area of Medellín of the Antioquia Department, Colombia. It was founded in 1616 by Francisco Herrera Campuzano. As of 2014, the municipality of Medellín had a population of about 2.45 million inhabitants. This makes it the second most populated city in Colombia after Bogotá, which is the capital city of Colombia.


Cali (2 420 013) is the city with less population than Medellin (2,508,452) and Bogota (8,080,734).
Cali is the capital of Valle del Cauca department in Colombia and the third most populated city in the country, after Bogotá and Medellín. Like other department capitals, it is home of the Valle del Cauca Governance, Departmental assembly, The Court of Justice, and other official institutions.
Santiago de Cali was founded in 1536 and although is one of the oldest cities in America, only until the 1930s accelerated its development to become one of the major economic and industrial centers of the country and the main urban center, cultural, economic, industrial and agriculture of southwestern of Colombia.
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