Our outgoing Secretary, Geoff Thompson, has requested that this following Notice be sent out this month because otherwise, via the newsletter anyway, the information and advice would be out of date. We are pleased to oblige. The subject is important.

Bro Hof Slott Golf Club is a golf course located in Upplands-Bro, Sweden, northwest of the capital Stockholm. There are two 18-hole courses, both designed by Robert Trent Jones, Jr. The Stadium Course opened in 2007 and is considered one of the longest golf courses in Europe at 7,357 metres. Next year, in June, Henrik Stenson and Annika Sorenstam will co-host “The Scandinavian Open” which will be a Mixed event! Male and female pro’s of considerable calibre will compete on the same course but off different tee’s. Should make interesting viewing?


In this issue we cover what the Club advertises as the Member’s Festival Week. Forgive me being pedantic but should it not be Members’ Festival Week. Feeling reasonably sure we checked with Wikipedia who had this to say:

Use an apostrophe + S ('s) to show that one person/thing owns or is a member of something. ...

Use an apostrophe after the "s" at the end of a plural noun to show possession. ...

• If a plural noun doesn't end in "s," add an apostrophe + "s" to create the possessive form.

Sorry, whoever!


A few years ago, the then European PGA CEO Sandy Jones, when asked what the most frustrating thing about golf was, replied: ‘When you join a club, the first thing they do is give you a long list of all the things you can’t do.’ This concept is lost on millennials whose expectations are more along the lines of, ‘What can I do?’ This is why the golf industry, in all its guises, must continue to evolve. However, while statistics go up and down each year – attendance often depends on the weather – the number of people in England aged 16 and over who play golf once a month has increased from 1.09 million to 1.31 million, the highest figure since 2012.


"Despite its conservative and mannered surface, golf is a brutal sport mentally."


Since the beginning of my involvement with the newsletter is has been a practise, and pleasure, to “introduce” new members to the club at large. Most are happy to be thus highlighted and co-operate gladly. Some are reluctantly forthcoming after a gentle nudge or two, and less than a handful have opted out. Some not wanting to be featured, full stop. Some claiming “too busy” and, occasionally, no reply has to be taken as disinterest. This month though we have a new twist because it was my pleasure to meet up with Jan Slaets and his wife Gerda De Brouwere for a face to face, thereby supplementing the facts already received.

Firstly the basics. They have been married for 44 years and live in Antwerp, Belgium, along the river Schelde. Their son Bert lives in Varese, Italy, with his wife Francesca. For 35 of the 44 years their first love was sailing, mostly along the Belgian and Dutch coastlines, southwest England, and Brittany. Both had interesting and responsible occupations. Jan as supervisor of an oil refinery, whilst Gerda was very hands on as a paediatric physiotherapist, a career path she “loved very much” for 35 years. They participated in a variety of sports with Gerda being a more than useful 5-10,000 meter runner. When they both retired five years ago, like many of us they started looking for a second home in which to spend the winters. Spain was their target and, after a narrowing down period, the Miraval community here at LCR became their base. That decision made, there came another life changer. The boat was sold and golf embraced. Their first lessons with Fabian Lozano were in September 2016. For the usual reasons they were hesitant about joining in our competitions, Gerda being the first to break the ice. However, it was Jan who burst into prominence, stealing the headlines by winning the Mens’ Singles at the recent Owners’ Day event!! His first ever competition of any kind!! What a way to start? It can only auger well for the future and it was clear from our conversation that the golf bug has very definitely bitten them.


There were six single figure handicap players on Campo Asia on Tuesday the 1st when the first competition of the month took place. Rob was playing off 3 yet still managed 42 points! A wee way back, but understandably delighted with his own performance, was Claus Ramer (36) followed by four on 35 of whom sturdy Peter Bradley claimed third place on handicap.

L/r: Rob & Peter.

My partner in crime or, perhaps better put, my co-producer of the newsletter, Dorothée Schmidt got herself cut 0.3 to 17.9 with a tidy 37 points. A step further towards her self imposed targets. Lively Liesbeth Guise and Kate Bradley each had 32 and finished as listed, second and third.

L/r: Dorothée & Kate.

It made a nice change for me to be in the team with Mike Fisher, neighbour and friend, as well as John Youngs still hitting the ball well but driving himself to distraction with his putting. There was even talk of giving Tuesdays a miss until his feel could be found again. Peter Bradley was the only one of us to glimmer, if not quite shine. By coincidence the four of us were together the following week! So much for John’s intentions?


Captain Monique Peters, not for the first time in her organisational golf career here, got the pre-play car park discussions going at a lively pace. It was my privilege, and pleasure, to have been invited to partner her so there was no need for me to worry about the rules of the day. Just do as I was told. Some had difficulty in understanding what ”30% of the combined slope handicap to be deducted” actually meant! Campo Asia, Sunday 13th was our battlefield, for the record.

Mike Robbins, he of the encyclopaedic mind when it comes to numeracy and golf rules, and irrepressible Pearl Fisher made up our squad, and what a jolly, lively group we were too. Pearl just steps forward and whacks the ball, which she did with considerable consistency, but it was her putting which caught the eye. It was very good. Unfortunately our combined efforts were to go unrewarded, as the following pictures will show.

1st 60.2 Seppo Jaaskelainen (L) & Rob Garner.
2nd 62.2 George Kirk (L) & Arthur O’Connor.
3rd 62.3 Kate & Peter Bradley.
4th 63.7 Jill & Roy Davies.
5th 63.9 Dorothée & Achim Schmidt
6th 65.1 Helena & Thomas Widegren.


As mentioned earlier the 09.39 crew was the same as last week, which was a bit surprising in view of John Youngs “decision” to give Tuesdays a miss for a while. His score was better on America, Tuesday 8th, but unfortunately his putting had not improved so it was a rather distraught John who muttered away to himself as he left the 18th.

Fourteen players managed to avoid any handicap change but one who deservedly did “suffer” was Chris Slattery whose 36 took him down to 3.9 It is too early to speculate but he has had a great season and it would be a surprise if he was not in contention for the Stableford League title. Les Wicks and Roy Davies had the same score but no status change. None were available for picture taking.

Isabella Rippinger keeps popping up at prize giving after a bit of a quiet spell and this week her 39 points cost her a reduction of 1.0 to 17.8. She always appears a little surprised by her success but few can better her for concentration and application. Handicap difference earned Caz Rosselli second place ahead of Karen O’Connor, both finishing with 37 points and new handicaps of 17.3 and 19.6 respectively. Well done ladies.


The second leg of the innovative short course competition took place at the Academy on Friday evening the 11th. The six holes were played twice and the female dominated event saw Isabella emerging as winner with 31 points. Sonya Foster managed 28 and Anne Hannam 24. Afterwards everyone retired to the clubhouse for well deserved food and beverage. It is not often many of the participants will have walked twelve holes, even in the cool of the evening.

Come prize giving on the following Sunday it was revealed that the overall winner, two scores combined, was Isabella with 42 points. Sonya 38 and Anne 36 obviously have good short games too.

L/r: Sonya, Isabella, Captain Monique.
The whole group.
A few of the event supporters.


An intriguing title for the Sunday competition on Asia and, coupled with the rules of the day, a confused start was guaranteed on the 13th, a lovely day for golf otherwise. Guess whose design? Right first time. Step forward Captain Monique Peters. Colour coded dress wear. Self allocation of mental age. Gender decisions. Avoirdupois input. Prizes for the six best pairs. “Clear as mud” was heard in the car park. Unkindly. Challenging, yes. Bit of fun, certainly. Weekends are not supposed to be serious? My French reference to weight may have further confused readers, but that was my intention. Monica required personal weight details at check in only to find a certain resistance in some quarters to revealing such private statistics.

Unfortunately Monsieur Le Twinge decided to visit my framework after a few holes so I parted company with my unfortunate partner George Kirk, who was playing with his usual steadiness, at the clubhouse turn. Kate Bradley always puts in a performance, as does Libby Robinson, she of the pink balls. Her first hole would have daunted most from playing the second. Not Libby. Always good humoured though, and a tryer to the last.


Monique handled the prizegiving with her customary aplomb, set in the over warm quadrangle of stripes, to a faint background of jovial barracking and hearing problems. She admitted defeat on the weight issue, partly due to not knowing what stones were, and explained that Richard Ledgard had not “come out” but had been drafted into the Ladies team, some still being unclear that overall this was a team match. Hopefully getting this right it would seem that the Ladies beat the Men by 42.1 to 40.54, figures which had even Mike Robbins shaking his head but apparently were the average scores of the two person pairs. So there. Again six prizes were up for grabs and went to:

1st 48 l/r: Laura Thompson & Susanne Valentin.
2nd 47 l/r: Pat Read & Bill Field.
3rd 45 l/r: John Youngs & Geoff Thompson.
4th 45 l/r: Hazel Gilchrist & Miss Richard Ledgard.
5th 45 l/r: Helena Widegren & Maddie Brooks.
6th 44 l/r: Vivienne Youngs & Verena Haas.
The winning Ladies including reticent Richard.


"With just a little friendly pressure we were able to wangle a very welcome update on the activities of our Senior Males, and are pleased to include it more or less un-touched by editorial hands.

It has been a busy end to the Men’s Seniors League season with 4 matches being played in the last 3 weeks. A ban on the use of mobile phones at the matches to prevent George Kirk checking his investments every 5 minutes means that pictures are not as freely available as usual.

Miraflores (Home): A narrow victory for La Cala by 2 matches to 1 with all the individual matches finishing 2 &1. A defeat for the front pair of Arthur O’Connor & Damien Murphy was turned around by wins from David Wilson & Roy Davies and the final pair of Alan Jewett & Peter Marler.

Miraflores (Away): Another 2-1 victory for La Cala. A narrow win secured by Arthur O’Connor & Rob Garner was pegged back when George Kirk & Peter Marler lost their match, only for the reliable David Wilson & Roy Davies to secure the winning point.

Alcaidesa (Home): A win for the first pair of David Wilson & Peter Marler provided an encouraging start but subsequent losses suffered by Arthur O’Connor & Philip Shute and George Kirk & Mike Fisher resulted in a rare home defeat for the La Cala team.

Baviera (Home): Incentivised by the bribe from Los Arqueros of a large beer per team member at the Grand Final if we could take one point from Baviera which would prevent them from overtaking Los Arqueros and winning the Seniors League, the La Cala team strode to a 3-0 victory.

The first pair Arthur O’Connor & David Wilson made sure that the trophy went west to Aqueros and was followed by further wins from George Kirk & Peter Edstrom and then Peter Marler & Philip Shute. The highlight being non drinker Peter Edstrom’s tee shot on hole 4 on America. Picture below.

We now need to find someone to drink Peter’s free beer at the Grand Final! Any takers? An international incident on the course during the first match was only overcome with the assistance of the google translate app at the dinner table along with the consumption of copious amounts of alcohol, by which time both sides had forgotten what had caused the problem!"

Thank you Arthur. Nothing spurious about your witty piece.


Mike Tunnel is a boisterous and popular club member, always with a smile at the ready, quips for all occasions, and no mean golfer. What the newsletter didn’t know about him was that he is also an enthusiastic musician. Well, drummer. We asked the question and here, straight from the horse’s mouth, is the explanation.

“I took up playing the drums following my 60th birthday. Fed up with me endlessly tapping out grooves on any available surface, my wife Di presented me with 2 drumsticks, 2 drum lessons at the local music school and a lesson book as a present! Prior to that, I had never played any musical instrument in my life but had worked with several bands in the 70’s.I was hooked, aged rock drummer in the making! Regular lessons gave me the competence and confidence to ‘jam’ with other like minded musicians with similar experiences. A Barbados beach, a few Rum Punches and a newly found lyrical inspiration took over. The first song! Others have followed in further moments of inspiration, sufficient now for a good old fashioned LP.‘The Brexit Blues’ is just one such song (the inspiration is clear along with the frustration!), the lyrics and idea as always were taken up by a guitar tutor friend of mine (our very own Lennon and McCartney!) to form the basis of the finished article. 2Old 2 Rock2, is a group of ‘jamming’ musicians that come together to record my songs. Some of us perform locally. 3 songs are currently on YouTube and we go into the studio again in November to record at least 3 more including my ‘cheesy’ Christmas song! Watch out!“

Thanks to the magic of Dorothee Schmidt’s computer we can include a sound video of a Tunnel “hit”. Warning notice. It is not compulsory to listen to the whole five minutes.The beat may not be to every reader’s taste so perhaps someone will step forward with an André Rieu type piece so we can balance the books next month.

Meanwhile, many thanks to Mike for revealing his hitherto hidden side. “Leftover Man” and “Job Done” may be found on YouTube if this sample has whetted your appetite. We await the “cheesy” Christmas Song with baited ears.

Heavy overnight rain bode ill for the start of this eagerly awaited annual golf-fest but, cometh the hour cometh the sunshine. Thirty-two buggies set forth for Campo Europa at 0930, each carrying two picnic lunches provided by Management. Flavio Papa was in sparkling form, obviously relishing the thought of the week’s work ahead of his team and himself! Players were warned to drive carefully on the still wet paths and only to use the 90 degree rule when the fairways had dried out.

Flavio and his team for the day Jorge Montjoy (L) and Alezandro Nuñez.
Waiting for the Off.

As it transpired pessimistic wet suits were soon being discarded and within an hour of starting, such was the sun’s work rate, traffic was building up on the fairways. It remained cool though so, overall, unexpectedly good conditions for the opening competition of the week. In addition to which the speed of play was considerably faster than normal, one boast being of 3 hours 40 minutes. Certainly the clubhouse was full of refreshment seekers well in advance of the prizegiving. Nor were they kept waiting because there was a free “bar” available and oodles of interesting and colourful tapas being served. All courtesy of Management on whose behalf our Director of Golf, Robert Mitchell, formally launched the Festival week with a nice little speech before handing out rewards to the following, announced in suitably dramatic tones and hand signals, by the inimitable Flavio Papa.

1st 55.9 points l/r: Hugo Reichle, Pat Madigan, Erika Karlsson.
2nd 56.3 l/r: John Brooks, Pearl Fisher, Mary Madigan, George Kirk.
3rd 56.87 l/r: Bob de Boef, Bill Field, Achim Schmidt.
4th 57.6 l/r: Sonya Foster, Peter Bradley, Libby Robinson, Mike Tunnel.
5th 57.8 l/r: Lars Granberg, Janice Marler, Vivienne Youngs, Jan-Peter Karlsson.

Nearest the Pin winners were?

The person to the right in all pictures is, of course, Robert Mitchell.

On behalf of everyone Pat Madigan gave a short vote of thanks to Management and the proceedings came to a pleasant, enjoyable end.

Nearest the pin winners were:

Sonya Foster (l) and Bob de Boef (r).


It seems like winter is peeping round the corner? Pitch dark at early morning tea time. (Pre clock change.) Towelling dressing gown instead of cotton. Distinctly chilly air through the mosquito netting windows before dawn. Thoughts turning towards a blanket to supplement the single sheet. Rain at last. Windcheaters and light weight sweaters appearing on courses. End of the evening BBQ season in sight. Nothing by comparison with Typhoon Hagibis though so we shouldn’t really complain?


Nothing is opened more often by mistake than the mouth.


Having narrowly averted a potentially nasty accident by surprisingly nimble emergency movement, this Scribbler was quick to research the legality of electric scooters, one of which came close to mowing me down on the pavement.

“It’s now an all too common sight for there to be electric scooters littering Spanish pavements or riders scaring pedestrians as they zip past them at speed. In 2018, there were 300 accidents caused by this type of vehicles in Spain, five of them fatal, and experts believe those figures could triple in 2019. Faced with this unprecedented and potentially dangerous trend - one that's been worsened by the proliferation of e-scooter rental companies in Spain - some cities such as Málaga and Madrid have already introduced measures to put pedestrians’ minds at ease. However, it’s this latest decision by Spain’s traffic authority to finally force an unregulated industry to operate according to law that is likely to make the biggest difference. Spain’s Directorate General of Traffic has approved the following laws for e-scooters and similar vehicles that will come into force shortly:

- Personal mobility vehicles such as electric scooters are now officially considered vehicles across Spain.

- They can no longer be used on pavements. Riders caught doing so will be fined up to €500 by Spanish police.

- Riders can also be fined €500 for using their mobile phone or driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs. These “distractions” are the most common causes of fatal accidents involving e-scooters or similar in Spain.”

The second part got under way on Tuesday 22nd on Campo America despite sight of early morning lightning over the mountains. Fortunately for both players and organisers it didn’t appear again although thunder mumbles were heard quite a few times during the day. Playing conditions were cool-to-chilly but dry throughout. Breakfast was provided at the clubhouse before players went off at staggered intervals. Some had rightful eyes on becoming Club Champion via the Scratch section whilst other lesser mortals, in terms of handicap, would each have been happy to finish as Stableford Champion after the two days of trying. Looking at the score sheets now there are clearly some stories yet to reach the newsletter but, for the moment, the leaders in each category are:

CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP MEN: Pat Madigan 73, Jan-Peter Karlsson 80, Chris Park 82.

CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP LADIES: Lucie Krajny 80, Connie Maphar-Massie 85, Mary Madigan 88.

STABLEFORD CHAMPIONSHIP MEN: George Kirk 39, Peter Bradley 37, Patrick Reid 36.

STABLEFORD CHAMPIONSHIP LADIES: Mary Madigan 36, Kate Bradley 36, Laura Thompson 36.

It has just been learned that on the Davies family home side of the resort, just the other side of Europa, the clouds unloaded themselves with some aggression! Seems we were lucky just “inches” away on America?

The second day’s play was on Campo Asia but not before some unforeseen “incidents” saw several of the favourites, and front runners, removed from the competition. Indeed three of the four first day leaders did not appear on Day Two. An unexpected shock for the organisers, and a lesson for many where obeying the rules is concerned. Whilst this all cast a shadow over things it at least opened up the field for those within spitting distance. The weather was kind again and by the end of the day new crowns had been won.


Last up on the week’s agenda came the 2 Ball Better Ball on Europa on Friday 25th. Breakfast was again available for those in need and the start was a shotgun at 0930. No less than 21 groups of four were in action, including several formidable looking pairs, not least Mike Fisher and Louis Lentelink looking to hold the trophy won last year. Competition was to be fierce. Eventually the first three home were:

1st 44 Lars and Maud Granberg. 2nd 43 Stuart Bewley and Arlene Doyle. 3rd 42 Achim and Dorothée Schmidt.

The week’s proceedings culminated in the usual Dinner & Prize Giving, held in the clubhouse dome area where up-heaters ensured everyone was kept comfortable. Speaking for Lilian and myself we found our chosen courses both tasteful and well presented. There were no adverse comments within my hearing range. Judging by the applause later in the evening it can be reasonably assumed that Food & Beverage did a very good job. Certainly they could not have been more attentive.

Those presenting themselves for prizes jointly handed over by Flavio Papa and Robert Mitchell included:

Stroke Play Champion – JP-Karlsson 157 (80 & 77)

Stroke Play Ladies – Ursula Wetzel 175 (88 & 87)

Stableford Winner – Peter Marler 67 (32 & 35)

Stableford Ladies - Laura Thompson 69 (36 & 33)

In these main categories the Runners up were Chris Park (Stroke) 167; Connie Maphar (Stroke) 176; Anne Hannam (Stableford Ladies) 65

In the separate Stableford Competitions the winner of the 0-15 handicap was George Kirk with 66 points, whilst Patrick Reid won the 15.1 to 36 group with 64. Behind Patrick came David Gilchrist and Peter Bradley with 63 each. Following George were Peter Edstrom 66 and Stuart Bewley 63.

Before the final curtain came down there was a surprise announcement. The names of next year’s vice captains. Another marital duo in the shape of Peter and Kate Bradley, received with warm acclaim by the body of the hall. A continuation of the Irish influence over the next two years, begorrah.

Kate & Peter Bradley.


After a full week it was hardly surprising that the turn out was small come Sunday 27th. Seven tee-off times only on Campo America. One of these were more occupied in their battle to become Ladies’ Doubles Champions, to which end Laura Thompson and Margaret Fotheringham went home the happier having disposed of Monique Peters and Caz Rosselli. Next up for them, in the Final yet to be fixed, come Wendy Warren and Mary Evans.

The top three teams in the main event were:

1st 88 points l/r: Pat Reid, Damien Murphy, Alison Kirk, Richard Hinds.
2nd 86 l/r: Derek Steel, Wendy Hinds, Loraine Murphy, David Wilson.
3rd 78 l/r: Annie Perignon, George Kirk, Isabella Rippinger.


Having mentioned one it seems unfair not to highlight the others, who are:

Mens’ Singles – Peter Edstrom v Louis Lentelink. Ladies Singles – Alison Kirk v Anne Hannam. Mens’ Doubles – Peter Edstrom & Thomas Widegren v Roy Davies & David Evans. Mixed Doubles – George & Alison Kirk v Alan & Wendy Jewett.

It would be very helpful to the newsletter if someone from each final could write a few sentences, and also organise a photograph of all four players before or after the match. Thank you.


We are indebted to Judi Lentelink for the following report which, as ever, requires a minimal amount of editing!

“The Philip Fitzsimons Past Captains Golf Day ( an Invitational event, very generously hosted by La Cala every year), was hard fought by 16 men & lady Past Captains in warm, bright sunshine with little wind, on a very tough Asia. (It was supposed to be America, but the course was changed at the last minute which brought on a chorus of ‘Oh! No!’ from many of us, as we had been so looking forward to being on America.) There were 26 players all told. The guests included the present Captains, some spouses, and both Robert Mitchell & Flavio Papa. The fairways, probably due to the lack of rain recently, were hard and dry so good contact with the ball was not easy. The greens were lightning fast and 3-putting was the norm on the day for most of us. The scores were therefore low, and I was lucky enough to play with both the winners of the trophy, Sonya Foster (2011 & 2015), and Monique Peters who won the guest prize. Both had 32 points.

Francisco Cervilla (2007) was the runner up for the trophy with 31 points.

Susanne Valentin (2010 & 2014) & Danny Rees (2012) won the nearest the pin prizes. Campbell McGarvie (2005) had an Hole-in-One on Hole 7, and treated us all to a complimentary drink (or two, or three in some cases!) in the clubhouse after the game.

L/r: Susanne Valentin, Campbell McGarvie, Danny Rees.

We all met on the clubhouse lawn for welcome drinks and amazing tapas at 8pm, and then had our dinner in the newly re-furnished room off Bar Laurel. The food was excellent, with much amusement caused by the use of a Chinese ingredient in most of the courses called Yuzu! The wine flowed freely, and a good evening was had by all.

Following prizegiving, Sonya gave a very nice speech of thanks and Bob Gordon (2006) proposed the toast to ‘absent friends’.
Two old chums and characters in their own way. Iain & Francesco.

Judi Lentelink (2005)


In response to the newsletters inquisitiveness we are pleased to include the following:

“Greetings Jack. Doesn't news travel fast in LC! I got lucky with a rescue club on the 7th Asia in the annual Philip Fitsimmons Trophy for Past Captains. It's my third (although the current Mrs McGarvie on 4 still leads the family league) with the previous being in Members Festival Week in 2001... when the course was called the South. ...18 years ago. Based on this 18 year cycle I invited everyone at the dinner to another drink after my next ace, currently scheduled for mid 2037... please join me for that!

Best Wishes Campbell“


This end of season gathering of the club clans is usually anticipated with considerable relish, almost always justified. This year our team of nine returned less than enchanted with the day’s proceedings at the RCCM (Parador), in Málaga. Nothing to do with finishing sixth out of the seven teams and probably best not elaborated on in these columns, so let us move on to another event which didn’t finish as it should have done.

L/r: Dorothée Schmidt, Janice Marler, Loraine Murphy, Laura Thompson, Karen O'Connor, Anne Hannam, Alison Kirk, Kate Bradley, Marie Wilson.


First of all a photographic introduction to the players as they readied for the off on Campo Asia, starting at 0930 on Tuesday 29th. Names are left to right in all pictures.

L/r: Cathy Gulya, Marie Wilson, Laura Thompson, Janice Marler.
L/r: David Gilchrist, Hugo Reichle, Peter Penney, David Evans.
L/r: Wendy Fretwell, Carin Olsson, Isabella Rippinger, Mary Evans.
L/r: Allan Fotheringham, Derek Steele, Louis Lentelink, Seppo Jaaskelainen.
L/r: Connie Maphar-Massar, Ursula Wetzel, Lilly Lagerwerf, Monique Peters.
L/r: Damien Murphy, George Kirk, Peter Edstrom, Alan Jewett.

The weather could hardly have been nicer so everyone drove off with hopes high and in the knowledge that there would be some serious competition even though the field wasn’t perhaps as strong as it might have been. No less than nine of the actual monthly winners were unavailable for one reason or another. Having said which some of the final scores were formidable!

None more so than the wonderful nett 66 handed in by Janice Marler. It cost her a 3-0 handicap cut down to 18.5 but she, like others, will not see their prizes until the Captains’ Dinner. Ursula Wetzel, always lurking close to the top if not actually there, was also cut to 11.2 following what deserved better reward after a nett 71, a very good score off her handicap. Laura Thompson’s 75 seized third place. Three of the twelve ladies were disqualified.

As were three of the men, although with far greater significance. Derek Steele, prior to commencement of play, re-affirmed that he is retiring from the yellow tees as of next month. Having said which he then turned in a display which should preclude him starting even nearer the pin! 73 was the best score of the male section BUT, due to a hiccup over cards, an unfortunate lapse on the part of his partner, Derek was disqualified for lack of a signature. All very regrettable and gut wrenching for Derek.

His place on the clubhouse wall will be taken instead by Damien Murphy, next year’s captain, whose 74 was equalled by David Gilchrist and David Evans, final places being decided on handicap.

Pictures of the winners must wait until the Captains’ Dinner evening.


On the same day but on Campo Europa, starting from 11.40, ten groups went about their normal Tuesday business with no additional pressure to concern them. Play was slow, again, but pace didn’t worry Hans Linderborg who chalked up a creditable 37 which means starting off 21.7 next time out. Rob Garner and David Wilson each had 35 and finished in that sequence,

Doubtless itching to get into her new Vice Captain role Kate Bradley brushed such thoughts aside to concentrate on her game as usual. At the cut cost of 1.2 Kate’s 39 points was further evidence of what a determined player she is. As can also be said about Alison Kirk and Loraine Murphy, each boasting 37 and settling in that finishing order.

Unfortunately no photos taken due to cancellation on 2nd November.


One is tolerant of that which does not concern him.


Here again an example of what could have been a dramatic and surprise announcement at the (now oft mentioned!) Captains’ Dinner being watered down by lengthy lists of every member’s position available at the tap of a key on their particular device. Understandable. Modern technology and all, yet somehow a shame.

Congratulations will in due course go to Chris Slattery who averaged an amazing 37.5 over 25 rounds, and Loraine Murphy with 35.25 over 29 rounds. Pictures of them with trophies will hopefully follow.


At the prize giving on Sunday October 27th, and in the romantic absence of your Scribbler, Monica Peters kindly and with good intent, explained that my absence was due to it being my 63rd wedding anniversary. That would make my age 93 and is perhaps some reflection on my appearance? In fact it was 1962 when Lilian finally became my Better Half and has remained so through thick and thin ever since.


Having been told since childhood that these are three subjects to be avoided in conversation to avoid the loss of friendships. Is the time ripe to be more specific about politics and add Brexit?


David Rogers is not only a very good golfer but a retiring individual, which is probably why it is not widely known that he is the computer wizard responsible for the www.lacalamembers.eu system we all enjoy now. The picture of him and his wife Rosemary was taken during a recent visit.

Good news includes the announcement that Erling Johnsen is to marry again. Probably in the early New Year when all the necessary paper work has been completed. Our photo shows him with Carla to his right.

Continuing the happy theme it is pleasing to report that Pauline Hilliard has had her hip operation and is cheerful enough to be photographed in bed.

Not only did the month end with a special Halloween event dreamed up by Loraine Murphy and organised by Janice Marler, of which there will be a separate report with colourful pictures, but Mother Nature laid on a fantastic, beautiful cloud display by way of saying goodnight. Brendan Walsh took some nice pictures which he has been kind enough to share.


It's been a good year.


Congratulations to South Africa on deservedly winning this title after a very special, colourful, absorbing final in Japan. But well done England for having such a good competition.