Colin Castle New mexico national park

It was day one in Mexico I was excited but I haVe to pay $15. To camp there so I did I'm here now but I have to unpack. I'm traveling in a RV. See you on day two.

Day Two. I've been wondering the campsite and I saw this baby animal and I could tell it was a wolf it fell behind cause of its leg. I brought the wolf in they said it was fine. I asked if I could keep it they said yes so I did

My 3 day here I decided to go visit the stone castle city. I found an item there. It was over 3000 years old. So I brought it to the front desk and gave me a lot of money.

My last day here. I'm going on the pathway. I loved the tours they had here. So I'm going to suggest coming here if you want to. I give this place. 5 stars


Created with images by AmberAvalona - "ant hill cracked earth ground" • JChalkley - "los alamos landscape sky" • armigeress - "Kane in Foliage" • geko - "archery sport arrow"

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