healthy life

A healthy lifestyle includes exercise and a proper diet.

To take a healthy life it is fundamental to choose a sport that you like ,to realice it. 30 minutes of physical activity a day is very good.

It is important to reduce the stress and to improve the rest habits. Very much stress can create weariness to you and even not to be happy. A rest Schedule can help us to recover us very much of the weariness. We must sleep minimum 7 or 8 hours.

To eat fruits and vegetables are very important. We can not spend days without taking this food. They are those who provide to us big part of the vitamins , minerals and fibre , and also we must limit the refreshments consumption and the wáter must be the main drink.

Smoking , alcohol drinking , drugs etc. us damage to our healthylife because it can damage vital organs of our body , also it does that you asphyxiate yourself.

In my opinion , I recommed to all the persons realize some sports activity at least 2 time in week , and to take a healthy diet since all this benefits us in our life.

Work realized for : Eric González Gil


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