The navigation for the site is good. It is easy to get around and is really clear where everything is. When it turns into the mobile layout the menu bars become light to black colours which make it much easier to read. The grid layout is good everything is in proportion to the sides of the site and once it goes to mobile size the text just gets tighter. The text goes well with the image, there isn't a lot which keeps it simple, although when it goes to mobile size the text becomes a lot more clear to read. The image size for the site is very big and covers the full home screen, and when it turns to mobile size lots of the original image is cropped out.

Adobe Website example

Adobe Mobile example

For the Microsoft website the menu bars are easy to read and have the options in good order. Once it switches to the mobile layout it hides the menu bars because there isn't enough space. The grid layout for this site is in order nicely. It is all in the centre of the site with space left at the sides but when it swaps to the mobile size it is just images. The text in the website stands out and is easy to read and same goes with the mobile size. The website the images are nice and are in proportion with each other and are at a good size and are clear to see. Once it turns to mobile size some get cropped out and become a lot bigger.

Microsoft website example

Microsoft mobile example

The navigation for this website is all at the top centre of the page. It is all easy to get around and is clear what the options are. For the mobile size of site The menu bar goes away because there isn't enough space for it all to fit in. the grid for the web page is nice, based in the middle of the page to stand out. For the mobile size al lot of things originally go away because it goes that small. The text for the site is a nice font, Quite small size but clear to read and goes well with the rest of the site. For the mobile size a lot of text goes away but gets bigger, they should have put more text in at a smaller size. The image sizes are good. The row at the bottom are small and one bi one in the middle. For the mobile site 3 get cropped out and the middle one covers the full page almost.

Apple website example

Apple website example

Fr the curry's website the navigation is easy to get around and is obvious which one is for what parts of the site. For the mobile layout the options go away because of the size which is fair enough because there is lots of them. The grid layout for this site is good. They have plenty of images to show what they have on offer and it is in good format. For the mobile size the layout stays almost the exact same which I think looks professional. the text in this site is standard and easy to read. They could have made it a bit bigger though. Mobile text stays the same and is very easy to see. The image sizing for this site is good they have some big and some small in rectangle and square for which they all fit together well. For the mobile size they get smaller but still clear to see.

Currys website example

Currys mobile example

For Youtube the menu bars are down the left hand side of the site and give you clear options which make it a good site. For the mobile layout for Youtube the menu bars disappear because there isn't enough space for it to fit in. In my opinion they could have fitted them in there because they only go down one side. The grid layout for Youtube home screen is nice, they have everything in good order. Same goes for the mobile layout it is all in good order nothing I would change about it. There isn't much text in Youtube but the text used has a good font and size which makes it clear to see. Once it transfers to the mobile size it gets slightly bigger but less of it, they could have fitted more in. The sizing for video clips fits into the site great and there is still a nice amount of space around each video which makes it easy to see. Exact same goes for the mobile layout.

Youtube website example

Youtube mobile example

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